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Islander's Board of Industry and Service, Cairns

Finalist – Best demonstrated leadership in work health and safety

The Islanders Board of Industry and Service (IBIS) is a chain of supermarkets located throughout the Torres Strait and Northern Peninsula area, with most stores managed by local Indigenous people.

FILM: Queensland Safe Work Awards 2014:  Category eight finalist – Islanders Board of Industry and Service
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Finalist: Islanders Board of Industry and Service

Jo Oliver
Risk Officer
Islanders Board of Industry and Service

Ibis is the Islanders Board of Industry and Service. We're a supermarket group situated in the Torres Strait and Northern Peninsular area. We have around 160 staff spread between our administration office here in Cairns and our 19 stores up through the Torres Strait.

Our work health and safety system is primarily based on a self-assessment, just due to the remote location of all of our sites. We've set up a number of different self-assessment tools that store staff can use to identify hazards and issues in individual sites. They then send that information back and it can be coordinated and procedures put in place to mitigate any risk.

A lot of the training that we have has been custom developed by our training officer and our senior staff and tailored specifically to the needs of our stores and our employees.

We've set up a reporting portal which can be accessed from anywhere within the business which cuts down the issue of travel and geography. We have an executive team who are responsible for different areas within the business and they meet quite regularly and safety is always the number one agenda item for them.

The success of our system has been due to the fact that people have been educated as to why we do things safely rather than just what to do and when to do it. So the real commitment that's been coming from management has been educating people as to why we do things.

IBIS's safety culture ingrained into our everyday business, to the point where our safety system is not really seen as a separate system, it's just part of how we operate.End titles

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