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Hector the Erector, Wynnum

Winner – Best work health and safety practices in a small business

Finalist – Best demonstrated leadership in work health and safety

Hector the Erector is a family owned business located in Wynnum, providing relocation solutions for heavy, sensitive and awkward equipment.

FILM: Queensland Safe Work Awards 2014:  Category eight finalist – Hector the Erector

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Queensland Safe Work Awards 2014
Best demonstrated leadership in work health and safety

Finalist: Hector the Erector

Lynette Bernes
Accountant and Personnel Manager
Hector the Erector

Hector the Erector is a heavy lift specialist so we relocate anything that's heavy and sensitive into awkward or somewhat difficult positions.

Approximately two years ago we decided to focus on safety to set ourselves apart and to try and set industry standards and really create a benchmark.

Being in a high risk industry we have quite a lot that we have to take into consideration, but our top ones would probably be our safe work procedures, which is where we conduct internal training for all of our members.

We go to great lengths to ensure that our people are supplied with the right equipment for the right job. We customise our equipment and we customise our vehicles.

We also have a pre-task simulation system where we're able to take into account each customers individual specifications of their items and the individual area that they're wanting to move it to or from and we can actually simulate that particular process occurring so that we can identify any particular hazards or issues where it may not be able to fit when it's being twisted or moved in a certain manner.

Hector the Erector's management have been very pivotal in the creation of a very high safety culture, moving from a compliance based system to an intrinsically motivated system where everybody's embracing and wanting to be involved with safety.

That is reinforced consistently by a management review, by our safety meetings, by everyday discussing with the guys and telling them that it's ok to take that little bit longer to do a job to ensure that it's carried out safely.

We believe that everybody from every level of our organisation is able to contribute significantly to all of the measures that we implement. We will get an idea and we will go to them and see if anybody's got any additions or can think of any other ways that we may be able to improve or alter it. And it's a continual process that we do with all areas of our business.

We have seen a significant increase in revenue, a massive drop in our WorkCover premiums where we went from being double the industry standard to being less than the industry standard.

The safety culture within Hector the Erector has now become an embedded value that every member is intrinsically motivated to want to be a part of. It's not something that we are pushing in any way, it's something that everybody turns up to work and they are wanting to be safe. They are choosing to be safe when nobody's watching which is extremely important.

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