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Brisbane Motorway Services, Bowen Hills

Winner – Best solution to an identified work health and safety issue

Finalist – Best demonstrated leadership in work health and safety

Brendan Gough – Finalist (Highly commended) – Best individual contribution to work health and safety

Brisbane Motorway Services (BMS) provides operation and maintenance services for the CLEM7 tunnel. During a disaster or emergency in the tunnel, BMS workers' ability to respond quickly and effectively depends on their knowledge and skills and familiarity with emergency scenarios.

FILM: Queensland Safe  Work Awards 2014:  Category eight  finalist – Brisbane Motorway Services

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Queensland Safe Work Awards 2014
Best demonstrated leadership in work health and safety

Finalist: Brisbane Motorway Services

Brendan Gough
Operations and Maintenance Manager
Brisbane Motorway Services

I'm the Operations and Maintenance Manager for Brisbane Motorway Services.
I'm responsible for overseeing the operations and maintenance activities that are undertaken on a 24/7 basis on the CLEM 7 tunnel.

We've got staff working in live traffic, working with 33 KV electrical supplies, confined spaces, restricted spaces, working at heights, so there's a myriad of activities, all of which present a risk to my staff. So it's providing an opportunity to train and mentor and support the staff and giving them a safe and effective work environment to perform their duties.

For our operators and response crew, we've provided a twelve month training program for those staff to ensure their skills are maintained and provided a virtual simulation training environment for them, to provide a high pressure and yet safe environment in which to help hone their skills in providing effective response to incidents on the motorway.

We have a lot of administrative support staff so we've provided some holistic programs: subsidised gym membership, annual health assessments, risk assessments of work activities, so that the staff know that they have the right level of fitness and skills to perform. It's all about a team effort on this. It's not just up to me because at the end of the day I can provide the tools for the staff but they need to want to use them. If they're not implementing those tools at the coal face it just won't work.

You need to obtain staff input into the program. So through staff meetings, speaking with the staff one on one, looking at analysis of incidents that have occurred on this site, looking at what other sites do around the country in regards to operation and maintenance activities on motorways and trying to finesse that to come up with the right answer to what was going to fit here on the CLEM 7.

The culture here at CLEM 7 is something that has been evidenced through our extremely effective 1600 days LTI figure, but we just couldn't sit back and hope that the staff or that culture would continue on. That's what keeps me awake at night. So as a result of that we've got our management team together, and we've come up with a new safety initiative or reinvigoration program of 'Be alert, raise alarm, and work and play to zero harm'. To keep it ever present in the staffs' minds that management is there to support them in their day to day activities to make sure they're working safe, looking after their mate and doing something very simple such as doing a take five. So every individual right down to the cleaners here on site are empowered to stop work activities to make sure that it can be re-assessed at another time and undertaken in a more safe and effective manner.

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