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Category two – Best individual contribution to work health and safety

This award recognises individuals who have made an exceptional contribution to work health and safety. This may include developing and implementing a safety solution, system, product, program or other risk control measure that reduces the risk of work related injury and disease.

Entry criteria

(Note: This information is in the online entry form)

View the category two example entry (PDF, 0.44 MB).

  • Describe the nominee's role. Who/what are they responsible for? What are their day-to-day activities?
  • Detail the nominee's health and safety contributions. Who do they affect, and how do they affect the overall operation of the business?
  • Detail any barriers the nominee experienced and how they overcame them (e.g. difficulty gaining management support, convincing staff to use the initiative, finding external suppliers or supporters).
  • How did the nominee communicate and consult with staff and management about the changes? Contributes to leadership category eligibility.
  • How did the nominee gain the support of staff and management? Contributes to leadership category eligibility.
  • Provide evidence of how the nominee directly improved injury rates, workers' compensation premiums, housekeeping/site appearance, and monitoring, assessment and reporting processes.
  • Has the nominee improved attitudes towards safety and work health and safety culture? (Consider management commitment, worker involvement, ongoing training, monitoring, and legacy of the improvements).
  • Was the solution a higher order of control?
  • Describe the challenges or barriers that they face in their role and how they overcame them (e.g. business size, resources, geography).
  • Is there potential for the nominee's contribution to have broader application across industry? How? Contributes to leadership category eligibility.
  • Detail the time, effort and dedication they spent achieving the improvements.