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Category twelve – Best response to the COVID-19 pandemic in work health and safety

This award recognises businesses or individuals who have shown excellence and innovation in work health and safety in response to COVID-19.

Entries in this category can include demonstrated commitment to supporting workers through flexible work arrangements, innovative improvements to health and hygiene, commitment to return to work (including implementing ongoing, new solutions, systems, products or programs).

(Note: This information is in the online entry form)

  • How has the COVID-19 pandemic impacted your business, people or customers (short-term and long-term) and what were some of the challenges you had to overcome?
  • How were your health and safety systems impacted?
  • How did you demonstrate strong leadership and a commitment to the work health and safety of your people and the community during the pandemic? Contributes to the leadership category.
  • Please describe the health, safety and/or wellbeing strategies your organisation implemented to keep your workers and the community safe (e.g. remote working, technical knowledge, availability of PPE, maintaining business viability  ). Why do you consider these strategies to be innovative within the context of your business? Include evidence if possible.
  • Who was involved in developing and implementing the strategies? How were they involved (workers, other stakeholders, committees, champions)? Contributes to the leadership category.
  • How did you communicate these strategies to your workplace and other relevant stakeholders?
  • How did you apply the hierarchy of control?
    • Design of work (e.g. remote work, social distancing, contactless services)
    • Work environment (e.g. design and layout, enhanced cleaning, hand hygiene facilities)
    • Worker directed interventions (e.g. education and training, promotion of good personal and hand hygiene)
    • Personal protective equipment.
  • How did your business keep up to date, remain responsive and adapt as the COVID-19 pandemic evolved?
  • What sources of information have you used to inform COVID-19 risk management? Did you use any WHSQ COVID-19 guidance documents?
  • What were some of the innovative solutions you used to remain productive, invigorate, reinvent, maintain and/or grow your business?
  • What improvements have your organisation experienced in areas such as health and safety, customer service, staff wellbeing, work life balance, culture, productivity, client base, injury reduction and return to work outcomes? Contributes to the leadership category.
  • How did you monitor and evaluate your results?
  • Have you communicated this to your staff and other relevant stakeholders?
  • Can your initiatives be applied to wider industry or other industries? If so, have they already been implemented by other businesses? Contributes to the leadership category.
  • What have been the positive effects on workers or other stakeholders? (e.g. improved safety culture, enhanced stakeholder relationships.)