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Category six – Best demonstrated healthy and safe work design

This award recognises excellence in healthy and safe work design. The design of a workplace is fundamental to providing a healthy and safe working environment.

Entry criteria

(Note: This information is in the online entry form)

View the category six example entry (PDF, 1.36 MB).

  • Describe why the design change was made.
  • Describe your design solution and how the design has ensured a more effective control of the risks.
  • During the design process, describe how the business:
    • consulted and engaged all stakeholders throughout the design stages from identifying the issue to implementing the solution. Contributes to leadership category eligibility.
    • any specific tools or processes that were used to address the hazards and the risk assessments that were conducted to ensure no new hazards were introduced with the changes. Were the hierarchy of controls considered?
    • work systems have influenced the workers and the work processes
    • reviewed the equipment, the environment and the tasks with consideration to the physical and mental capabilities of all workers.
  • Describe how the design has improved business efficiencies and/or productivity.
  • What other positive results has been achieved such as improved safety culture, or return on investment? Contributes to leadership category eligibility.
  • Is there potential for the design solution to have broader application across industry? Please provide detail about any related collaboration that has occurred including influence on the supply chain. Contributes to leadership category eligibility.