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2020 competition entries closed

Farm safety calendar competition

Queensland primary school students were encouraged to draw and colour a picture to illustrate a farm safety message.

Entries should be submitted on white paper, using the competition template. For the entry to be valid, all fields on the template need to be completed in legible handwriting, including the student's first and last name, year level, school, theme and a consent signature from the student's teacher or parent.

The competition opened on Monday 20 April 2020 and entries must have been received by 5pm Friday 26 June 2020. Winners will be announced in September, and the free 2021 Farm safety calendar will be available in October.

Important dates

Choose a safety message


  • Don't use damaged power cords—turn off the power and tell someone about it straight away.
  • Safety switches save lives—make sure they're fitted and tested.
  • Look up and live—look out for powerlines when using machinery.


  • Animals can be unpredictable. Respect their size and strength and learn how to work with them safely.
  • Always wash your hands after working with livestock or playing with animals as they carry diseases that can transfer to people.

Tractors and machinery

  • Look out for machinery and vehicles because the driver may not see you.
  • Quad bikes are a great tool, but they are not a toy. Ride ready—wear a helmet, never double, kids only use a kid sized bike, get training, and ride on well-known tracks.

Water storage and fenced yard

  • Dams, creeks and channels can be dangerous places to swim. Make sure you have an adult with you to stay safe.
  • A fenced yard for young kids and toddlers to play in will keep them away from many farm dangers.


  • Sugar cane and trash fires move quickly—keep well away.
  • Keep an emergency plan for bushfires and house fires and practice it regularly. Call 000 if there is a fire at your home or farm.


  • Chemicals can be dangerous. Children need to keep away from them.
  • Chemicals should only be used by adults who have been trained in how to use them properly.

Health and wellbeing

  • Who in your house knows how to do CPR? This method of chest compressions and mouth-to-mouth breathing can save lives!
  • Be sun safe! Work in the shade in the middle of the day and remember to drink water and have rest breaks—heat stress can make you really sick.


Judges used set criteria to select the winning entries to be included in the calendar, and selected an even spread of age groups of entrants and safety messages.

Entries were judged on:

  • the clarity of the safety message
  • use of colour in the picture
  • creativity of the picture.


You can win a $250 voucher, and $500 for your school!