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Playing it safe with Shane Webcke (promo)


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(Music Playing)

Shane Webcke, Queensland Safety Ambassador [Text on screen]

Shane Webcke:
Before I was a footballer.
Before I was a farmer.
Before I was a newsreader.
Before I was a father.

Young Shane:
I was my father's son.

Shane Webcke:
Until one day, I wasn't.
One day my dad went to work, and never came home.
Almost every day, I dream about one last beer with dad.
Just one last bit of advice.
One last pat on the back.
One chance to meet my kids for the first time.
Once chance to remind him to stay safe at work.
It takes just one wrong move, and there is no second chance.
Playing it safe with Shane Webcke [Text on screen]
Watch Shane's full interview at [Text on screen]
Work safe. Home safe. [Text on screen]
[Queensland Government Coat of Arms] [Text on screen]

Voice over:
Authorised by the Queensland Government, Brisbane.
Spoken by Shane Webcke. [Text on screen]

[End of Transcript]