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Employer consultancy services

WorkCover Queensland helps a worker through their work related injury—planning return to work and coordinating rehabilitation for them.

As an employer, we also work with you throughout and after the claim. Your customer advisor can analyse your claims history and discuss trends, providing information and guidance on how a claim impacts your premium. Working with Workplace Health and Safety Queensland, we can identify opportunities to reduce the risk of injury at the workplace. 

Employer online

Employer online lets you upload information to us, view remittances and access claims and policy information.

Coming soon is access to scorecards (currently available from your customer advisor).

Your customer advisor

Get to know your WorkCover customer advisor and talk business with them. They understand your policy and can guide you through a claim and help you keep your premium down to a minimum.


We can help estimate the impact of claims and plan for future premium assessments.

Claims reports

Claims reports show a five year history of claims made, including injury descriptions and costs. This is updated daily so you always receive current information.


Compare your business with your industry. Find out how you perform on return to work, number of days lost, claim costs, injury frequency, and common law (according to workplace industry classification).

Workplace health and safety partnership

We can organise a referral, with your customer advisor, to the advisory service at workplace health and safety to assist with recognising injury trends, assessing, and reducing the risk of injury.

Injury Prevention and Management program

Injury Prevention and Management program (IPaM) is a joint initiative between Workplace Health and Safety Queensland and WorkCover Queensland, designed to help businesses develop better workplace health, safety and injury management systems.

Last updated
15 February 2016

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