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Medical assessment tribunals

What are medical assessment tribunals?

Medical assessment tribunals are set up to provide independent, expert medical decisions about injury and impairment sustained by Queensland workers. The tribunals are made up from an independent panel of specialist doctors. Doctors may apply to be on the panel but are only appointed to the panel if they can demonstrate a high level of knowledge, expertise and experience.

A referral to the medical assessment tribunals may be required if there are conflicting medical opinions in relation to whether employment has been a significant contributing factor to the injury of whether there is an ongoing incapacity for work as a result of a work injury.

The medical assessment tribunals may also be required to assess any degree of permanent impairment resulting from an injury. This includes the degree of permanent impairment resulting from disfigurement associated with an injury.

Only an insurer can make a referral to a medical assessment tribunal. The insurer should inform the worker that a matter is to be referred to a medical assessment tribunal before sending the referral paperwork to the Workers' Compensation Regulator for processing.

The Tribunal Secretariat is responsible for coordinating appointments and providing administrative support to the medical assessment tribunals. A Workers' Compensation Regulator officer will contact the worker, usually within a week or two of receiving the referral, to set up an appointment. The majority of appointments take place within six to eight weeks of receipt of the referral.

Where are they held?

Medical assessment tribunals are held at the Workers' Compensation Regulator's offices which are located at 347 Ann Street Brisbane on the corner of Ann and Wharf Streets. We are accessible by public transport and are approximately 200 metres from Central train station.

Who's on the medical assessment tribunal panel?

A worker attending a medical assessment tribunal will be seen by between three and five specialist doctors depending on the nature of their injury. The tribunal members will be specialists in the relevant field of medicine and independent of the insurer. The Tribunal Secretariat will make every effort to ensure that the doctors on the tribunal have no prior association with the worker.

The role of the Tribunal Secretariat

The Tribunal Secretariat's main roles are to:

  • schedule medical assessment tribunals
  • confirm appointments with workers
  • process relevant paperwork
  • provide administrative support to the doctors.

The secretariat staff help insurers, workers and their representatives through the medical assessment tribunal process with the aim to provide accurate, timely and relevant information to all parties and a caring and understanding service to workers.

Contact us

Please call the medical assessment tribunal on 1300 738 197 in relation to your appointment only if have been directed to by secretariat staff. If you do not have a tribunal appointment, please contact 1300 362 128, or your insurer for further information.

What to expect

What to expect from your insurer if your claim has been referred to a medical assessment tribunal.

Insurers’ information on referring a worker

Medical assessment tribunals consist of up to five expert medical specialists who provide a fair and independent assessment of workers' compensation medical matters.

Last updated
29 September 2017

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There's nothing like getting back for getting better

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