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Medical professional FAQ

How do I order more work capacity certificates?

You can order a hardcopy book direct from the printers, via email or telephone on (07) 3803 6400.

If I indicate I don't want to be consulted about my patient's rehabilitation, who takes on this role?

The insurer will arrange a provider such as an occupational physician, physiotherapist or occupational therapist. You can nominate a particular provider on the medical certificate, or contact the insurer.

What are employers' responsibilities for suitable duties programs?

An employer must take all reasonable steps to help or provide their workers with rehabilitation and suitable duties while they are being paid compensation, including:

  • developing a suitable duties program in consultation with the worker on rehabilitation.
  • keeping the program and any amendments consistent with the current medical certificate or report for the worker's injury
  • documenting what are meaningful suitable duties that meet the objective of the worker's rehabilitation
  • giving the insurer a copy of the suitable duties program
  • regularly reviewing the suitable duties and progressively upgrading the program consistent with the worker's recovery.

Employers can engage a Rehabilitation and Return to Work Coordinator (or RRTWC) to do this for them.

What if the employer has no suitable duties available at the workplace?

Because the employer must take all reasonable steps to help or provide suitable duties for their injured worker, they need to discuss this with the insurer. The medical certificate describes the injured worker's work capacity, so the lack of availability of suitable duties does not affect the worker's compensation benefits. The insurer and the employer will work together to provide opportunities such as host employment for the injured worker to complete their rehabilitation.

Do I get paid for completing the workers' compensation medical certificate?

No. The current legislation does not allow insurers to pay medical practitioners for completing a workers' compensation medical certificate. The increased consultation fee levels take into account the completion of the medical certificate.

Last updated
24 April 2018

There's nothing like getting back for getting better

Workers who get back to safe work as soon as possible recover more quickly than those who wait until they are fully recovered.


There's nothing like getting back for getting better

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