Queensland Mental Health Week

Mental Health Week events

Mental Health Week, celebrated annually in October, promotes the importance of mental health and wellbeing and aims to reduce the stigma associated with mental illness. Check out the events on offer!

  • A conversation with ex AFL superstar and Survivor alumni Simon Black
  • Stress resilient leadership and the why, how and what of workplace wellbeing
  • Suicide prevention for young workers in the construction industry
  • Achieving mentally healthy workplaces through early intervention
  • Live panel: Managing the mental health impacts of remote and isolated work
  • Trauma informed care and vicarious trauma in healthcare
  • Live panel: Early intervention through peer support programs: what works and how to do it well

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Take time for Mental Health Week

During your career, it is highly likely you will work with, or manage someone with a mental health condition. Whether you know it or not.

In fact, one in five Australians experience a mental health condition in any year and one in two Australians will experience a mental health condition in their lifetime.

This Mental Health week, the theme is ‘Take time’ – please take the time to include this important awareness week in your calendar and consider how you can support the week.

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When it comes to mental health at work, its important to take time.

Take time to learn…

…the importance of a mentally healthy workplace.

Take time to connect – find your tribe. Check in with work mates.

Learn how to recognise and understand the early warning signs.

Take time to enjoy the moment, at home….

AND at work. Celebrate victories big and small.

Take time for you.


Take time to be active,

and get proactive about looking after your mental health.

Make sure you get plenty of sleep, fuel your body AND your mind.

This Mental health week, make sure you take time.

Authorised by the Queensland Government, William St Brisbane.

Get involved

  • Organise a mental health awareness session to reduce stigma and promote help seeking behaviours. Check out Heads up toolbox talks on how to get a mental health conversation started in your workplace.
  • Learn about the early warning signs that indicate a worker may need support. If you notice any changes in behaviour, engage in meaningful conversations with those who may be under stress.
  • Download our Mentally healthy workplaces toolkit and other information and resources to help you take positive steps towards a mentally healthy workplace.
  • Conduct a psychosocial risk assessment (or review your existing assessment) by talking to workers at team meetings, workplace walk throughs and during individual conversations.
  • Remind staff about how to access information on local mental health services or your employee assistance provider.
  • Arrange a morning tea for staff to help them connect and take a break. Consider fundraising for a mental health organisation doing great work in your community.
  • Find out more about what others are doing at on the Mental Health Week website and register your events on their calendar.

Mentally healthy workplaces

Download a copy of this film (MP4, 2MB)

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    • Mentally healthy workplaces have benefits for everyone regardless of your industry or business size.

      Mentally healthy workplaces have fewer workers compensation claims, reduced work-related injuries, higher productivity, and lower absenteeism

      For every $1 invested in a mentally healthy workplace there is a $2.30 return.

      The new mentally healthy workplaces toolkit from Workplace Health and Safety QLD can help you on your journey to creating a mentally healthy workplace via practical resources and tools.

    • Authorised by the Queensland Government, Brisbane.

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