Trimming back the rising workers’ compensation costs

Hairdressing and beauty services infographic

An extra $275,000 in compensation payments, longer time off work and more claims indicate that unfortunately hairdressers and beauticians are still being injured on the job, and their injuries are resulting in more time off work than before.

An analysis of figures from 2013-2014 financial year compared to figures from 2014-2015 financial year showed that while injury claims only rose by 3%, by claimants taking longer to return to work, the costs rise in line with this.

With costs per claim blowing out by almost 37% and overall compensation payments rising 30% to $1.2 million, the figures from WorkCover Queensland are showing a concerning trend.

WorkCover Queensland Customer Service Manager Angela Zahnow said it was unfortunate that injuries, costs and time off work had risen in the last financial year.

However, there was lots of activity being done to combat these rises.

“We are always looking for ways to educate our customers of the importance of having a safe workplace,” she said.

“There’s lots of education happening around the health benefits of work, and how doing promotes recovery. This not only encourages workers to return to work sooner, as part of the rehabilitation process, but actively encourages their transition back into the workplace.

“Employers should offer suitable alternative duties, if the worker is not able to go back to their previous tasks during rehabilitation. If suitable alternative duties aren’t an option at the original workplace, we can find a host employer, to allow the worker to do some type of work during their recovery,” Angela said.

“The aim is for a sustainable return to work, that means that the worker stays at work once recovered.

“Ultimately the longer a worker is off work, the more their claim costs rise, and this can be reflected in rising premiums, which understandably, employers want to avoid,” she said.

“The best defence is a safe workplace. However, if accidents do happen, encourage recovery while at work, perhaps on suitable duties, or an early return to work.”

For more information, contact WorkCover Queensland on 1300 362 128 or view the resources below.


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Last updated
03 September 2015