Save money with safe, stay at work outcomes

Over three million dollars in statutory compensation claims were made to injured workers in the field of information media and telecommunications in 2013–2014.

WorkCover Queensland Industry Manager Tanya Cambey said that workers’ compensation claim costs are impacted heavily by how long workers are off work.

“In 2013–2014, the average time it took for an injured information media and telecommunications worker to return to work was 30 days,” Tanya said.

“This means that the worker needs to be compensated for their lost wages, which adds to the cost of the claim. This in turn impacts on their employer’s WorkCover premium rate.

Tanya said that the best possible outcome for an injured worker is to stay at work after an injury.

“Wherever possible, it is best for the worker to stay and recover at work, rather than taking time off.

“By staying at work, injured workers stay connected to their employer and co-workers, and avoid the feelings of alienation, anxiety and uncertainty that can often come from extended time off work.”

To facilitate an injured worker’s recovery at work, employers should make suitable duties available so that the worker does not aggravate their injury. A suitable duties plan is a graduated work program that helps injured workers improve their work fitness.

“WorkCover customer advisors work together with the employer, injured worker, treating doctor and allied health providers on stay at work options and suitable duties to find the best solution for the worker as quickly as possible,” Tanya said.

“Suitable duties don’t always need to be in the worker’s usual role. It helps to consider what other types of duties are available within the workplace.”

Tanya said that it’s also important for employers to remember to stay in touch with their injured worker along the road to their recovery.

“Communication is the key to the quickest, safest return to work.”

View WorkCover’s information media and telecommunications flyer for more statistics on this industry’s workers’ compensation claims and common injuries.

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14 January 2019