Green light for company helping injured workers

Altus Traffic

“If there’s opportunity to help someone by offering support at our workplace, of course we’ll take them!” That’s the view of Altus Traffic, a Recover at Work (RAW) employer. By signing up to the RAW program, they’re helping injured workers from other companies to recover at their workplace.

The RAW program places injured workers in short term host employment with employers who have successful return to work outcomes with their own workers.

Altus Traffic National Staff Engagement Co-ordinator Claire Bateman (pictured) said they were constantly looking for ways to assist injured workers.

“Injured workers may not be our employee, but they are an injured worker, and we were certain that their employer was facing barriers that we had probably experienced before,” she said.

“We've had a couple of RAW candidates do some work for us and they have been welcomed with open arms. One of the candidates who participated in a RAW placement in Brisbane came across my desk at the perfect time. We had been quite busy and needed the extra pair of hands,” she said. ​

Claire shares some insight into the steps they take at Altus Traffic to support injured workers:

  • Everyone’s injury is different because no two people are the same. For example, two rotator cuff injuries may appear identical, but because they are different people they are worlds apart, and the return to work program must reflect this.
  • The first thing we do is talk to our injured workers, and find out what is wrong, so that together, with the doctor and WorkCover Queensland we can get them back to work as safely and efficiently as possible.
  • We work together to ensure that no injured worker feels neglected. It's important to us that no matter how long our worker is off work, on suitable duties or with a host employer, that they still feel like they are being listened to, and receiving all the support they need to recover.
  • We have ample suitable duties available within our Brisbane depot, while for injuries sustained in our regional depots, the return to work program varies depending on the time of year.
  • No matter what, we do what we can to keep the worker stimulated - from suitable duties on our worksites, to admin duties and treatment - so that their morale does not also decline throughout the recovery process.

Traffic Controller Guy Hubbard (pictured), who returned to work at Altus recently following an injury said he listened to and took advice from his doctors and specialists. He added that he valued his supervisor attending his doctor’s visits. both to offer support and to cover off any work issues. “It’s really important to stay positive,” he said.

WorkCover Queensland Customer Service Manager Michelle Brady commended Altus Traffic on the steps they’d taken to be a safety focused employer, as well as a valued participant on the RAW program. She explains more about the RAW program:

“The RAW programs usually run for three to six weeks. WorkCover pays the worker's wages when they participate in a suitable duties program and the host employer benefits from the services of an additional skilled worker.

“A WorkCover customer advisor will oversee the suitable duties plan and be the main point of contact, liaising with the employer, worker, treating doctor and allied health providers. The host employer is also able to pre-screen the injured worker before agreeing to placement,” Michelle said.

“At the end of the placement, there is no obligation to employ, however if you do wish to recruit a new team member, hosting a worker can be an obligation-free way of trialling them while helping the worker with their return to work.”

More information

Recover at Work program

Contact your WorkCover Queensland Customer Advisor on 1300 362 128.

Pictured above: L-R National Staff Engagement / Injury Management Co-ordinator Claire Bateman, Traffic Controller Guy Hubbard, Queensland Service Delivery Manager Chris Thornton.

Last updated
30 April 2015