Onsite traffic management and pedestrian safety

Man being supervised using a forklift

Workplaces in the construction, manufacturing, transport and agriculture industries will be the focus of a year-long statewide audit campaign starting in July 2016 targeting traffic management. read more... about Onsite traffic management and pedestrian safety

Trimming back the rising workers’ compensation costs

Hairdressing and beauty services infographic

An extra $275,000 in compensation payments, longer time off work and more claims indicate that unfortunately hairdressers and beauticians are still being injured on the job, and their injuries are resulting in more time off work than before. read more... about Trimming back the rising workers’ compensation costs

Host employment can change a worker's life

Jason Berger and Sandra Hennessy

The ability to make a meaningful contribution to the workplace after a serious shoulder injury, which also contributed to a psychological injury, kept this worker focused on the end goal – return to work. When construction worker Jason Berger injured his shoulder on the job, and had no way of returning to the construction industry, an office job was his saviour. read more... about Host employment can change a worker's life

About professional and administrative services

The professional and administrative services industry incorporates:

  • professional, scientific and technical services, including architectural, engineering, legal, accounting, advertising, market research and statistical services, management and consulting, and veterinary services
  • computer system design and related services
  • administrative services, such as employment services, travel agency and tour arrangement services
  • building cleaning, pest control and other support services
  • publishing
  • motion picture and sound recording activities
  • broadcasting
  • internet publishing and broadcasting
  • telecommunications services
  • internet service providers, web search portals and data processing services
  • library and other information services
  • finance
  • insurance and superannuation funds
  • auxiliary finance and insurance services
  • rental and hiring services, such as motor vehicle and transport equipment rental and hiring, farm animal and bloodstock leasing,  and other goods and equipment rental and hiring
  • property operators and real estate services
  • public administration
  • defence
  • public order, safety and regulatory services.

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27 September 2017