It's time to renew your accident insurance policy

Important dates

From 1 July Join over 91% of employers and use our online services to declare your wages information and pay your premium, or call us and declare over the phone.
31 August Wage declarations due
16 September Receive a 5% discount on your premium if your wages were declared on time and you pay in full by this date
(discounted premium price cannot go below $200)
30 September Full premium payment due if not paying via payment plan

Declaring wages: what you need to know

WorkCover accident insurance policies are due for renewal from 1 July, so it’s important to understand who you should cover for workers’ compensation and what wages you need to declare.

Did you know that when declaring your wages, you need to include superannuation payments and fringe benefits? Or that some contractors you engage may be deemed workers?

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Declare your wages

How your premium is calculated

You pay your premium provisionally—that is, you pay for your insurance at the beginning of a period, and adjust it at the end.

The method used to calculate your premium varies slightly depending whether the amount of wages you declare are:

  • above $1.5 million
  • $1.5 million or less.

In addition to your wages, your industry rate and previous claims experience are also important factors in your premium calculation.

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Payment options

Declare your wages early to take full advantage of our flexible payment options, which includes discounts and payment plans.

Pay your premium quickly and easily by 30 September, using our online services. Receive a 5% discount on your premium if your wages were declared on time and you pay in full by 16 September (discounted premium price cannot go below $200).

Pay your premium online, or check your premium notice for other payment options.

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Your accident insurance policy explained in 90 seconds

Watch our 90 second animated film that explains how the workers' compensation scheme works in Queensland.

Cancelling your policy

If you no longer employ workers in Queensland, you can cancel your policy at any time using our online services.

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