Payment options

Pay your premium online, or check your premium notice for other payment options.

Policy renewal 1 July - 30 September

Declare your wages early to take full advantage of our flexible payment options, which includes discounts and payment plans.

If you wish to set up a payment plan, declaring your wages early allows you to spread your payments over more time. Our monthly payment plans are interest free, and provided at no extra cost.

Alternatively if you wish to pay your premium in full, you can receive a 5% discount if you declare your wages on time and pay by 16 September (discounted premium price cannot go below $200).

Full premium payment is due by 30 September if not paying via payment plan.

Late payment of your premium will result in an automatic late payment penalty being applied. Until all outstanding premium (including penalties) is paid in full, you will be deemed uninsured and will be liable for claim costs that arise.

If you are unable to pay your premium by its due date using any of the methods below, you can apply for premium funding from your financial institution or independent premium funders.

Payment option Online Phone Post

Payment plan

Our monthly payment plans are interest free and provided at no extra cost.

To be eligible for a payment plan:

  • your policy must be assessed with at least $200 owing
  • your wages information must be declared by 31 August
  • your previous year’s premium must be paid in full and any prior payment plans completed (ie. you cannot have two overlapping payment plans).

You can nominate the day of the month for your deduction (any day between the 5th and 25th of each month) and the starting month of your payment plan (either July, August, September or October). You can change your nominated deduction date throughout the year if required.

Login to our online services to set up a payment plan.

Please note: If you wish to take advantage of 12 monthly instalments starting in July, you must declare your wages as early as possible in July.


Electronic funds transfer (EFT)

Deposit your payment with the Commonwealth Bank of Australia:

  • BSB: 064 013
  • Account number: 1000 8320
  • use your WorkCover Queensland policy number as the reference number

On the same day, please email payment confirmation (as requested on your premium notice) to

This will ensure we can correctly match your payment to your insurance policy.



Biller code: 182006

Your reference number will be listed on your premium notice.

For more information on how to pay via BPAY, please contact your financial institution or see


Credit card

Pay your premium with your Visa or Mastercard using our online services or when speaking with one of our representatives during your policy set up/renewal.

Alternatively you can call 1300 132 278 to pay (this is an automated service).



If you are paying by cheque, please attach the payment slip from the bottom of your premium notice and return it to:

WorkCover Queensland
GPO Box 2772, Brisbane QLD 4001

Please allow at least a week prior to the payment due date for the cheque to reach us and clear.


Last updated
10 December 2019