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Quad bike fatality while back-burning

In October 2018, a quad bike operator suffered fatal injuries while managing a back-burn on a rural property. He was last seen driving up a road and was found deceased about 20 minutes later underneath the quad bike. He was not wearing a helmet at the time of the incident. There were no witnesses and we continue to work with the Queensland Police Service to determine the cause.


Amusement ride gondola dropped during maintenance

In October 2018, a gondola on a drop tower amusement ride detached from the catch-car above it during maintenance. The catch-car lifts the gondola in place to allow workers to carry out inspections of the ride. On this ride, a detent pin (a type of retaining pin also known as a quick release ball lock pin) is used to prevent the inadvertent release of the gondola. Workers insert the detent pin in the catch-car through a hole in the bottom of the catch-car.


Queensland health expands surveillance of dust-related diseases

Doctors will be required to notify Queensland Health of dust lung diseases such as coal workers’ pneumoconiosis and silicosis under legislation introduced in State Parliament.


Worker fatally crushed when forklift tipped over

In October 2018, a worker was killed when the forklift he was operating tipped over and pinned him. The experienced operator was moving a load into an industrial shed. The forklift’s mast collided with an overhead steel beam, causing the forklift to tip over onto its side pinning the operator. It appears the operator may not have been wearing a seat belt. Investigations are continuing.


Allied Health Update October 2018

14 Nov 2018 | WorkCover Queensland

WorkCover Queensland hosted our quarterly meeting with allied health associations on 24 October 2018. Find out what was shared.


Workers burned by arc flash in switchboards

In October 2018, an electrical worker received burns to his hand, neck and face from an arc flash while he was terminating cables running to a switchboard. In September 2018, an electrical worker received burns to his hands when his pliers shorted two phases while attempting to fit a three phase circuit breaker to a live switchboard. Investigations into both incidents are continuing.


Tower crane load dropped after hoist rope failure

Industry: Construction

In October 2018, a hoist rope on a tower crane at a construction site broke while lowering a load which then fell to the ground. Although no-one was injured, this was a dangerous incident that could have had very serious consequences. Investigations are continuing.


National Inquiry into sexual harassment in Australian workplaces

On 20 June 2018 Australia’s Sex Discrimination Commissioner, Kate Jenkins, announced a National Inquiry into sexual harassment in Australian workplaces.

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