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Worker killed by explosion while welding

Industry: Construction

The incident happened whilst a worker was making a tractor counterweight by welding empty fuel drums to a steel frame. When the worker placed the welder to the top of a drum, there was an explosion, engulfing him. The fuel or ignition source hasn’t been confirmed. The man sustained full thickness burns to more than 95 per cent of his body. He was transported to Cairns Hospital where he passed away from his injuries. Investigations into the incident are continuing.


Help spread the word

11 Apr 2018 | Electrical Safety Office

The ESO regularly provides licence holders with important information such as Australian Standards updates, safety alerts, upcoming ESO roadshows and seminars, and the latest prosecution and disciplinary outcomes.


Inflatable water balls - electrical equipment near water

The purpose of this safety alert is to warn owners and operators of inflatable water balls about the risks of using or placing electrical equipment near a pool or body of water where these water balls are used. The large spheres are also known as ‘water walkers’, ‘hamster balls’ and ‘zorb water walking balls’.

Date issued: 04 Apr 2018


eSAFE Construction - March 2018

Industry: Construction

In this edition: $15,000 fine after bricklayer falls from scaffolding, Get with the program and improve your workplace, New scrutiny for asbestos removalists, Measure and improve your safety culture, Undertaking to deliver $250k of industry benefits following wall collapse, Crystalline silica risks targeted in workplace audits, Best tool for the job? Your skills!


eSAFE Construction - November 2017

Industry: Construction

In this edition: Multiple reckless conduct charges laid for 2016 Eagle Farm deaths; Changes to work health and safety and right of entry dispute resolution processes; Construction industry prominent at 2017 Safe Work Awards; Industry undertaking to boost construction safety; and much more.


Do you own or are licenced to operate a vehicle loading crane?

A vehicle loading crane (VLC) is a crane mounted on a vehicle for the purpose of loading and unloading that vehicle.


Uncontrolled starting of amusement devices

Industry: Tourism

The purpose of this safety alert is to provide information on an incident with a Wave swinger amusement ride with a design feature common to many older amusement devices.

Date issued: 23 Mar 2018


Excavated wall collapse

Industry: Construction

In February 2018, a worker’s foot and ankle were injured when part of a three metre high near vertical excavation face collapsed. The injured worker was part of a group building a boulder retaining wall. Four workers were gathered at the toe of the excavation when they heard a cracking noise and the excavation face collapsed. Three of them managed to jump out of the way but the fourth was buried up to his knees. Investigations are continuing.

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