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Mango grower fined $35,000 after workers suffer electric shock

01 Mar 2018 | Electrical Safety Office

A Gilbert River mango grower has been fined $35,000 for a 2015 incident where two of his pickers suffered an electrical shock.


eSAFE - February 2018

In this edition: New snorkelling and diving Code of Practice now in force; First aid officer fined over prank burning to workmate; Bitumen and asphalt plant audit finds safety is a priority; Queensland's commitment to safety highlighted by successful CWP forum in Mackay; Fixed plant compliance campaign starts in April; and much more.


How to safely install swimming pool and spa bonding

26 Feb 2018 | Electrical Safety Office

There are specific requirements for equipotential bonding of steel reinforcing when working on concrete swimming pools and spas. If an electrical fault occurs, even at low voltage, while the pool is in use, it may lead to electrical shock which can cause muscle spasms and potential drowning


Generator fuel explosion in back of truck

In February 2018, two workers received severe burns to their legs, upper body and face when fuel ignited in the back of a truck. A generator in the back of the truck had tipped over while being transported, spilling fuel. On arrival the workers opened the back of the truck and noticed a strong smell of fuel. They were in the truck and had uprighted the generator ready to unload it when the fuel vapours ignited.


Vehicle stabilisers and outriggers

Industry: Construction

In February 2018, a truck fitted with a vehicle loading crane was driven along a road with its stabiliser extended. The stabiliser struck a parked vehicle and a worker standing behind this vehicle was crushed and killed. It is not yet known why the stabiliser was unsecured and investigations are continuing.


Young worker injured by nail gun

An apprentice was injured by a nail fired from a nail gun which went through the piece of timber he was holding and into his chest. The worker was holding the timber while his supervisor was fastening it. The worker underwent minor surgery to remove a small piece of bone. Investigations are continuing.


Worker burned while lighting furnace

Industry: Manufacturing

In January 2018, a worker received second degree burns while trying to pour fuel into the vent pipe of a furnace used for drying woodchips. The worker was attempting to light the furnace and spilled the fuel which then ignited resulting in burns to his hands, arms and legs. Investigations are continuing.


Mobile crane rollover onto four lane road

Industry: Construction

In January 2018, a 25 tonne articulated crane (a ‘pick and carry’ type mobile crane) overbalanced and fell across four lanes of a major arterial road while it was lifting a sign. Three lanes of traffic were closed at the time and there was no traffic in the open lane. The crane was removing a signage structure 15m in height, 3.9m wide and weighing approximately 4.5 tonnes. While manoeuvring, it appears the load caught on a structure then swung toward the road. Nobody was injured and investigations are continuing.

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