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Return to work services panel tender now open

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This tender has now closed.

WorkCover is establishing a new return to work (RTW) services panel via an open tender process. The tender is now open, and can be accessed on the Queensland Government QTenders website.

All necessary information, including timeframes and the selection criteria, can be found on the QTenders website.

The tender closes at 2pm Australian Eastern Standard Time on Friday 6 September 2019.

The new RTW services panel will be in place by late February 2020. A tender process is a fair and transparent way of giving all existing and any new suppliers an opportunity to apply for a position on the panel. No panel positions are carried over, and all suppliers must reapply if they wish to continue providing services for WorkCover. Current panel members should treat this application as if it was the first time applying; that is, provide succinct yet detailed responses and do not rely on current panel member status. There will be no guaranteed positions and no preferential treatment for current panel members.

Frequently asked questions

A tender requires significant time and effort, so it is recommended suppliers give themselves the greatest opportunity by starting their submission early and allowing plenty of time to review the offer and upload via the QTender website. If this is your first tender submission, there is useful guidance on the Queensland Government website found here that may assist. If you were unsuccessful in the last tender, consider the feedback you received and incorporate your learnings in this submission.

How do I access the tender documents?

To access the tender documents, you must first register as a supplier on the QTender website – found here. You must be logged in to download the tender documents. There are FAQs on the QTender website found here to assist with password errors, browser compatibility, upload errors, etc.

For system enquiries, please contact the QTenders Helpdesk on:
Phone: (07) 3215 3699
System Support is available 8am – 5pm Monday to Friday excluding public holidays.

Do I need to reapply – we are already on the RTW services panel?

  • Yes, you must reapply.
  • WorkCover conduct tenders every 3-5 years to appoint a panel of suppliers to provide RTW services. The current panel were appointed in February 2015 and the current term will expire in February 2020.
  • No panel positions are carried over, and all suppliers must reapply each time a tender is conducted if they wish to continue providing RTW services for WorkCover. Current panel members should treat this application as if it was the first time applying; that is, provide succinct yet detailed responses and not rely on current panel member status.
  • A tender process is a fair and transparent way of allowing all existing, and any new suppliers, an opportunity to apply for a position on WorkCover’s panel. In past tenders, not all applicants have been appointed as the number of offers have exceeded our requirements.

I am a highly experienced (30 years) occupational therapist who has worked in this small regional area for 20 years. Is there any point to my offering a tender application – or is this only for large practices?

There is every opportunity for small suppliers to be as successful as larger suppliers. There is no preference for the size of the organisation, but instead weighting is placed on experience and service delivery. There is the focus on local community ties in this tender, which can be demonstrated in many ways.

What are the rates?

Fees are charged in accordance with the return to work table of costs.

Does this invitation include assessment services provided by allied health professionals like audiologists, physiotherapists, exercise physiology, etc?

Page 5 of the return to work table of costs outlines the professions who are able to deliver return to work (RTW) services under WorkCover. This table of costs also lists the various RTW service item codes and their descriptions.

Audiologists are unable to provide RTW services, and we have a separate panel arrangement for these services.

I lease a consulting suite in a clinic based in a private hospital and have medical indemnity but am unsure about the public liability insurance.

Depending on the practice arrangements, a supplier may be unsure about who provides public liability insurance for their practice. Generally, the person who owns the rooms will have a public liability insurance policy in place, however the supplier must ensure it covers their practice and all staff performing services within their practice, and not make any assumptions.

Please seek advice from your insurance broker/advisor if you have any concerns about what applies in your situation. WorkCover cannot provide advice on this topic.

It is the supplier’s responsibility to obtain a copy of both insurance certificates and ensure they remain valid throughout the term of the contract. They will also be required to send updated certificates of currency to their RM annually.

Does the evaluation process consider a supplier's application for each region individually or collectively?

Regardless of how many regions a supplier nominates for, the offer will be scored and treated as one, using the evaluation criteria listed in the ITO document.

We will then use the regions and capacity nominations to ensure our panel has adequate geographic coverage.

Will attachments be read?

It is very important to abide by the page limits for the evaluation criteria responses. Any information provided that exceeds these page limits may not be read.

The responses can be added as attachments, however it is much quicker and easier for our evaluation panel if all the information is in the response section. This makes it easier to score and understand the response, and minimises the risk of missing key information.

The preference is not to refer to attachments in the body of the response schedule.

My organisation works from a number of clinics across South East Queensland, I was wondering if it would be appropriate for me to have myself and head Physiotherapist on the application and add some other therapists in the future OR should I place all my therapists on the tender?

It is appropriate to mention yourself and your head physiotherapist in the tender documents.

WorkCover places the responsibility of ensuring Service Level Standards are maintained with the company, so your therapists will fall under you.

This applies in the future as well – therapists will come and go, so the responsibility stays with your company to ensure no matter who you employ, they must provide services in line with the Service Level Standards for the term of the contract.

We are applying for the tender as a private allied health clinic. We will have multiple providers that are qualified to provide RTW services. When we are completing the paperwork for the tender, do we need to provide individual details, insurances and experience of all of our providers, or should we provide information on behalf of our clinic as a whole?

The contracting entity should be the one to apply for the tender. This should match to the ABN of the company/clinic.

These providers may be treated as subcontractors, and we would not require their trading details.

It is important that the company/clinic takes responsibility for these providers and the company/clinic is responsible for ensuring they provide services in accordance with the contract terms and service level standards.

The signed documents are to be provided in Word format. To comply, this means we can only insert electronic signatures. Will WorkCover accept this, or are we to supply the word document and scan (PDF) the signature page.

An electronic signature is ideal, however if you don’t have one, please just print, sign and scan the relevant pages and then upload those pages as a PDF.

Am I allowed to use Arial 10.5 font in my responses in order to provide quality responses and maintain page limits? I could not see any restrictions noted in the tender documentation.

Please do not alter the font sizes for your responses.

How will work be allocated and is there a guarantee of work?

There is no guarantee of work: it will be allocated by WorkCover based on our business needs, provider availability and referral demand.

What does SLS mean and how does this apply?

The Service Level Standards (SLS) set out WorkCover’s minimum expectations in relation to provider performance and service delivery. They are a common feature in all of WorkCover’s arrangements with appointed providers. The SLS are part of the terms of our contract with providers. Full details of the SLS and contract terms are included in the Invitation to Offer.

Compliance with the SLS and performance generally will be monitored by the provider’s relationship manager. They will provide feedback to providers. In the event of any breaches to the SLS and contract, the relationship manager will discuss this with the provider. Such a breach would be considered and addressed on a case-by-case basis.

The provider will also be expected to provide feedback to their relationship manager about referral and case management quality.

The SLS includes prompt service delivery and communication timeframes. Why are these included?

Prompt service delivery is extremely important because any delays not only hamper successful RTW outcomes but are costly for WorkCover and employers.

How do I submit an offer?

Offers must be lodged electronically via the QTender website. It is the RTW service provider’s responsibility to ensure all necessary information and documents are uploaded before the tender closing time and date. Allow adequate time prior to the closing time and date to upload offer documents due to delays with bulk uploads and heavy traffic on the website.

You must first register as a supplier via QTenders and you must be logged in to upload your offer.

File naming conventions

Please do not use symbols (for example “&” or “()” or “%“) in the document file names. File names are to consist of alpha-numeric characters (letters and numbers) only.

Upload restrictions

  • Recommended maximum of 100mb per submission (total of all files)
  • Multiple uploads are allowed simultaneously:
    • If incurring difficulty and file names meet conventions listed above, reduce the number of files in submission to <10 and re-attempt. Submissions will collate as one entry within the system.
    • Once a file has been uploaded, it cannot be changed/removed.

Successful response submission

Your submission is only considered 'received' after:

  • The upload has completed prior to the tender closing time, including grace period; and
  • A ‘response receipt’ is received either via email or displayed on screen. This receipt is proof of your submission.

QTenders help

If you receive any errors, or experience system difficulties, please contact the QTenders Helpdesk (07) 3215 3699 during business hours or review their FAQs.

Offer clarifications

It is important to WorkCover that you understand our requirements. For that reason, any items requiring clarification, or any questions relating to the tender must be communicated in writing directly to the Customer contact via

Please do not contact other people within WorkCover for additional information regarding the tender. Such approaches compromise the integrity of the process. As such, any requests for information outside of the specified channel may impact your continued involvement in the process.

Requirements to be a conforming offer

To be a conforming offer, the offer must:

  • be received by the closing date and time;
  • be received in the format and method described in this Invitation to Offer;
  • be open for the minimum validity period;
  • satisfy all mandatory requirements;
  • respond to all sections of this Invitation to Offer document in full; and
  • include the following completed documents:
    • WCQ208 – RTW Services – Contract details (Word format);
      • Signed pages may be submitted in PDF.
    • Schedule A from WCQ208 – RTW Services – ITO (Word format);
      • Signed pages may be submitted in PDF.
    • WCQ208 – RTW Services – Locations (Excel format); and
    • insurance certificates and association memberships/accreditations (PDF format).

Additional information about QTenders

The Queensland Government QTenders website is a separate system to any system supported by WorkCover, and any WorkCover usernames or logins will not work. If you have not already done so, you must register as a new user on the QTender website prior to accessing the tender documents. Please go here to register as a new user.

If you receive a 'Sign in failed: Username or password incorrect' error message – please retrieve your QTenders password.

If known, enter your Username, alternatively enter the registered email address, complete the ‘I’m not a Robot’ check and select the ‘Generate Reset Password Link’ button.

An email will be sent to your registered address containing prompts on how to continue.

Be sure to double check the 'Username' details stated in the email, your username is not necessarily your email address.

If this attempt is unsuccessful, contact the QTenders System Support team on (07) 3215 3699 or email and request a manual password reset.

There are frequently asked questions on the QTenders website to assist applicants, and system support is available through the QTenders Helpdesk (phone 07 3215 3699 or email between 8am and 5pm, Monday to Fridays.

As a statutory authority, WorkCover are required to use the QTenders website for tenders. All tenders will be published on the QTenders website, and all applications need to be uploaded there. Please retain your QTenders website login details for future use.

Last updated
06 September 2019