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Top 5 new features in WorkCover Connect

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We’re excited to let you know about the range of new features just added to WorkCover Connect. With a focus on helping you manage safety and claims within your organisation, we couldn’t think of a more appropriate time to release this update than during Safe Work Month.

Featuring new and improved features based on your feedback, designed with a focus on user experience, and tested with a pilot group of employers, we’re confident you’ll find using WorkCover Connect to manage your workers’ compensation more useful than ever before.

With new safety and claims dashboards, improved wage payments calculator, heat maps indicating injury trends, and options to customise the colours on charts, there’s sure to be something here for everyone.

Read more about our top 5 new features below or log in to your account and check it all out yourself in the system right now.

If you don’t have access to analytics within WorkCover Connect, talk to your administrator.


1. Instantly compare, filter and drill down for deep insights into claim trends

The new safety dashboard and claims dashboard provide powerful insights into your own data. With the ability to segment data by location, region, task or other added custom fields, you can compare injuries, their locations and causes over time with up to 5 years of claims data to work with. Dashboards can be created which filter data by accident or registration date, financial or calendar year, or with custom to and from dates.


2. Easily create, save, and share dashboards

The new simple to use claims and safety dashboards can be easily customised, saved and shared across a business. Create a custom dashboard once, and save it for next time or share with co-workers to ensure consistency between systems and people.


3. Advanced safety analytics with top 5 trends

A coloured heat map now shows the top 5 injury trends for location, nature, agency and mechanism at a glance. These top 5 are displayed in quick glance cards showing you summary data such as cost and quantity of claims. The body part location summary can be expanded right through to an individual claim to see which claims are impacting performance.


4. Customise colour and chart options to suit your business

Change the colours of dashboard charts to match your businesses brand (or just to pick your favourites!). Setting brand colours at the dashboard level removes the need for additional formatting for those wanting a quick export branded in the company colours or when capturing screenshots for the annual report.


5. Consistently calculate wage payments with easy to use tool

The old excel spreadsheet is out – the new online wage payment calculator is in! We’ve renamed the previous Normal Weekly Earnings (NWE) calculator using language that is used in day-to-day business and improved the functionality by offering more flexible wage calculation options.

For further information on how to use the analytics features (and more) of WorkCover Connect to successfully manage data related to safety and claims within your industry and organisation, see our analytics overview page.

We’re passionate about creating online services that help Queenslanders better manage their business.

If you have feedback, we'd love to hear it so we can give you the services you need in the future. Speak to your Relationship Manager or let us know via the feedback forms throughout the system.

Last updated
02 November 2018