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Take your time through roadworks heading out for holidays

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Queensland motorists have been urged to slow down and keep calm while driving through roadworks over the Christmas and New Year break to ensure road-workers have a safe holiday too.

Workplace Health and Safety Queensland’s Tony James said some motorists were still putting traffic controllers’ lives at risk by driving aggressively and impatiently through roadwork sites.

Mr James said each year about 100 traffic controllers received a work-related injury requiring medical treatment or time off work, and tragically there is at least one fatality.

“Simply checking your intended routes and leaving plenty of time to get to and from your holiday destination means you won’t have to speed and you won’t get frustrated slowing down for roadworks,” Mr James said.

“Few worksites present as many work safety risks as roadworks do. Drivers must realise that when they ignore reduced speed limit signs or traffic controller instructions and drive dangerously through these sites, they are endangering the lives of the men and women who are simply trying to do their jobs.”

Mr James said roadworks were carried out to benefit motorists and make roads safer. Abusing road-workers and traffic controllers did not help anyone and it could lead to a tragedy that no-one would want to have on their conscience.

Other than speeding, offences include failing to stop at either traffic lights or hand-held signage, and entering closed off lanes, into the path of oncoming traffic.

Mr James said it was disturbing that some of the incidents even involved professional drivers.

“People have got to get the message that this kind of behaviour is not okay,” he said. “It’s disrespectful, it’s foolish and it’s dangerous - and that’s apart from the obvious risk of demerit points and hefty fines, as well as vehicle damage.”

“Slow down, drive to changed conditions and obey signage and road traffic controllers’ directions."

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Last updated
21 December 2018