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New films urge rural Queenslanders to be safe around electricity


21 October 2021

Five new films launched by the Queensland Government today are aimed at keeping rural communities safe from electrical dangers.

Head of Queensland’s Electrical Safety Office Donna Heelan said data and evidence show electrical incidents are a real problem in rural areas and potentially life-saving messages are not getting through.

“Over the last year alone there have been 22 serious electrical incidents in this state – three of them fatal,” Ms Heelan said.

“Sadly, that means too many people are missing their dad, their son, their partner, their coach, or their mate.

“We at the ESO believe that this number should be zero - zero fatalities and zero serious electrical incidents.”

The most common risks on Queensland properties are contact with overhead powerlines, using unsafe electrical equipment, and not having safety switches installed on all electrical circuits. The five films cover these areas, as well as switchboards and the importance of reporting shocks and tingles.

In this campaign, the message is simple - “electricity is invisible, so you can’t see the danger…but it can kill”.

“It’s a powerful tagline and a stark reminder that many Queenslanders are being killed or seriously injured by electricity,” Ms Heelan said.

“Overhead powerlines are of particular concern in rural areas. In the last six years there have been 52 serious powerline incidents and tragically six Queenslanders have died.

“But there are other concerns – unsafe electrical installations, faulty appliances and most frustratingly, homes that are not even protected by a safety switch. These are just really basic safety considerations that can be the difference between life and death.

“I know that in rural and regional areas, it’s often harder and more expensive to get licensed contractors to do the work.

“But no matter whether it’s in the bush or the city, the advice is the same – don’t take shortcuts with safety and always use licensed contractors to do your electrical work.”

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