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Her life in my hands – the Robyn Neilson story


6 October 2021

If there was an emergency at your workplace, would your workers know how to respond?

Workplaces, especially those in rural and remote locations, must be prepared for emergencies. As our new Safety Advocate Robyn Neilson experienced firsthand, having an emergency plan and first aid equipment in place can be the difference between life and death.

In 2002, Robyn was a first responder to her neighbour who suffered horrific injuries after her arm was caught in a post-hole digger on a remote cattle property.

In the two hours it took for the Royal Flying Doctor Service to get to her, Robyn single-handedly kept her neighbour alive. But the experience left its mark - Robyn was later diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Robyn’s powerful new film ‘Her life in my hands – the Robyn Neilson story’ is a poignant reminder of the importance of preparing for a workplace emergency and explores the impact a traumatic event can have on workers and first responders.

Watch her film to learn why preparedness is absolutely vital. We encourage you to share it with your colleagues, stakeholders, friends, and family to remind them to keep safety top of mind.

Robyn Neilson story - Her life in my hands

Book Robyn to visit your workplace

Robyn has joined Workplace Health and Safety Queensland as a Safety Advocate.

She visits Queensland businesses to share her story and compel employers to prepare for workplace emergencies and provide psychological support for affected workers in the aftermath.

Request a free workplace visit from Robyn.