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$5m medical research grant for dust lung disease


25 May 2021

The Queensland Government is continuing its nation-leading response for workers with occupational dust lung disease, particularly those with coal workers’ pneumoconiosis (CWP) and silicosis, by offering a $5 million medical research grant over four years from 2021 to 2023.

Occupational dust lung disease profoundly impacts the lives of affected workers and their families, and is a public health issue because there are limited proven treatment options. There is also a need to build a greater understanding of the disease pathway—from the risks of exposure, the type of dust causing the most harm, and further investigation of treatment options.

This grant opportunity will support research for the benefit of Queensland workers with occupational dust lung disease, in particular CWP and silicosis, in one or more of the following priority areas:

  • Understanding the pathogenesis of silicosis (including accelerated silicosis) and coal workers’ pneumoconiosis.
  • Identifying factors to determine disease severity and risk of disease progression (linked to the ability to return to work).
  • Determining the efficacy and sensitivity of methods for early diagnosis, prevention and progression of disease, including anti-fibrotic medications, pulmonary rehabilitation, whole lung lavage and other developing treatments.

Interested parties are required to submit an expression of interest via the QTenders website. Applicants must be based in Queensland, however joint expressions of interest with interstate or international research partners are encouraged. It is important to note funding may also be apportioned between successful applicants if there are multiple, meritorious projects which support the Government’s important research objectives.

Expressions of interest will be subject to an initial technical assessment by leading Queensland, Australian and international medical and research experts in occupational dust lung disease and then evaluated by a panel of representatives from the Office of Industrial Relations, Resources Safety and Health Queensland, Queensland Health and WorkCover Queensland.

More information, including eligibility criteria and how to apply for the grant, is available at QTenders (reference number OIR 33_2021).

Expressions of interest close on 14 June 2021.