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ESO warns unlicensed electrical work is potentially lethal


14 April 2020

With household budgets squeezed at the moment, Queensland's Electrical Safety Office (ESO) is reminding everyone not to take risky and illegal shortcuts with home electrical jobs.

ESO Head Donna Heelan said people may be tempted by quotes from cheaper, unlicensed operators to do their electrical work, but small cost savings aren't worth risking people's lives for.

“Online marketplaces such as AirTasker definitely make outsourcing everyday jobs easier,” Ms Heelan said.

“However, even when you use these handy services, you must remember one golden rule - electrical work can only be done in this state by someone with a valid Queensland electrical contractor's licence.”

The ESO is giving the same warning to people who might be chasing electrical work to supplement their income.

“For those tendering for jobs, it's an offence to perform any electrical work without a current Queensland electrical contractor licence,” Ms Heelan said.

“Anyone breaking this law faces enforcement action and may even be prosecuted.”

In the last two years, the Electrical Safety Office investigations into unlicensed electrical work and advertising of unlicensed electrical work have led to fines of more than $100,000.

ESO investigates all suspected illegal electrical work or bogus licence claims and advertising. Enforcement action is always taken against those who do the wrong thing.

If you are wanting to get electrical work done, you can check the person has the right electrical license at .

If you wish to notify of suspected illegal electrical work or advertising, contact the Electrical Safety Office.

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