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COVID-19 Telehealth for Allied Health - update 1 April 2020


2 April 2020

WorkCover Queensland is responsible for developing and maintaining the table of costs for medical and allied health services. These documents outline the fees payable by workers' compensation insurers for allied health services provided to workers' compensation claimants in Queensland.

The current tables of costs for allied health providers already include telehealth as a service delivery option for allied health providers.

Telehealth services are only related to video consultations.

Phone consultations are not covered under the current allied health providers table of costs.

The following should be considered prior to delivering the service via telehealth:

  • Providers must consider the appropriateness of this mode of service delivery for each worker on a case-by-case basis ie. the principles and considerations of good clinical care continue to be essential in telehealth services.
  • Providers are responsible for delivering telehealth services in accordance with the principles of professional conduct and the relevant professional and practice guidelines to ensure that all care is taken to ensure the privacy, confidentiality, safety, appropriateness and effectiveness of the service.
  • As with any consultation, it is important to provide sufficient information to enable workers to make informed decisions regarding their care.
  • All telehealth services require prior approval from the insurer and must be consented to by all parties – the worker, provider and insurer.

For billing purposes telehealth services do not have specific item codes and should be invoiced in line with the current item codes and descriptors in each table of costs. 'Telehealth' must be noted in the comments section on any invoice submitted to the insurer when this service has been utilised.

The recent expansion of telehealth services under the Medicare Benefits Scheme (MBS) in relation to COVID-19 do not apply for allied health providers delivering services under the Queensland workers' compensation scheme.

More information on the fees payable by workers' compensation insurers for COVID-19 Telehealth items announced by Medicare can be found on our Medical fees page.

Please note: WorkCover Queensland has also temporarily allowed both phone and video consultations for RTW Services to assist in managing claims impacted by COVID-19 restrictions.

Our FAQs for Medical and Allied Health Providers may provide additional information.

Visit our Allied health fees page for more general fees information.