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WorkCover conducted an open tender to establish the current Medical Advisory Panel (MAP) on 31 October 2016. The panel was established for an initial term of three years (commencing 27 February 2017 to 26 February 2020), with a one-year option to renew.

The decision has been made not to take the final one-year option to allow WorkCover the opportunity to align the expectations for the MAHP with our corporate strategies and values, and include a broader range of services. The expansion of services now included on the panel has also resulted in a name change from the Medical Advisory Panel (MAP), to the Medical and Allied Health panel (MAHP).

The MAHP is a service consisting of medical specialists and physiotherapists that WorkCover can utilise when professional comment is sought on surgery requests, rehabilitation/treatment referrals, unusual medical conditions or medical report reviews/evaluation. It is not designed to replace information obtained from a treating specialist or independent medical examinations (IMEs) and aims to provide clarification of the advice received during a statutory claim, thereby improving the management of an injured worker’s claim.

MAHP comments offered will be utilised as additional information to be considered as part of the entirety of medical information available. MAHP members must be aware that information provided to WorkCover following a MAHP referral will be disclosed to the treating practitioner in line with our customer strategy principles.