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WorkCover has no preference on whether a MAHP member uses an external agency/medico-legal provider or which external agency/medico-legal provider they use. However if a MAHP member does use an external agency/medico-legal provider, WorkCover will need to know for administration purposes and appointment referrals.

External agency/medico-legal providers can liaise with specialists to complete their offer document, and upload on their behalf.

cHowever, the external agency/medico-legal provider must not upload multiple offers under one company login in QTenders.  Each specialist must have their own unique login to ensure offers are submitted separately and allow offers to be reconciled.

Where the specialist has chosen to have their offer submitted by an external agency/medico-legal provider, WorkCover will still contract with the individual specialist as the contract entity (Supplier), not the external agency/medico-legal provider. However the specialist can nominate that tender queries be sent to the external agency/medico-legal provider if desired.

A specialist can change, add or remove external agency/medico-legal providers at any time during the tender or contract term.