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The medical and allied health panel (MAHP) tender is now open


16 September 2019

The medical and allied health panel (MAHP) tender is now open, and can be accessed on the Queensland Government QTenders website.

The MAHP panel is a team of practitioners who work alongside WorkCover Queensland to provide valuable assistance with our rehabilitation and return to work goals through providing professional comment on treatment and rehabilitation interventions.

All necessary information, including timeframes and the selection criteria, can be found on the QTenders website.

The tender closes at 2pm on Friday 11 October 2019 (QLD time).

Additional information about QTenders

The Queensland Government QTenders website is a separate system to any system supported by WorkCover, and any WorkCover usernames or logins will not work. If you have not already done so, you must register as a new user on the QTender website prior to accessing the tender documents. Please go here to register as a new user.

If you receive a 'Sign in failed: Username or password incorrect' error message – please retrieve your QTenders password.

  • If known, enter your Username, alternatively enter the registered email address, complete the I'm not a Robot check and select the 'Generate Reset Password Link' button.
  • An email will be sent to your registered address containing prompts on how to continue.
    • Be sure to double check the 'Username' details stated in the email, your username is not necessarily your email address.
  • If this attempt is unsuccessful, contact the QTenders System Support team on (07) 3215 3699 or email and request a manual password reset.

There are frequently asked questions on the QTenders website to assist applicants, and system support is available through the QTenders Helpdesk (phone 07 3215 3699 or email between 8am and 5pm, Monday to Fridays.

As a statutory authority, WorkCover are required to use the QTenders website for tenders. All tenders will be published on the QTenders website, and all applications need to be uploaded there. Please retain your QTenders website login details for future use.


WorkCover conducted an open tender to establish the current Medical Advisory Panel (MAP) on 31 October 2016. The panel was established for an initial term of three years (commencing 27 February 2017 to 26 February 2020), with a one-year option to renew.

The decision has been made not to take the final one-year option to allow WorkCover the opportunity to align the expectations for the MAHP with our corporate strategies and values, and include a broader range of services. The expansion of services now included on the panel has also resulted in a name change from the Medical Advisory Panel (MAP), to the Medical and Allied Health panel (MAHP).

The MAHP is a service consisting of medical specialists and physiotherapists that WorkCover can utilise when professional comment is sought on surgery requests, rehabilitation/treatment referrals, unusual medical conditions or medical report reviews/evaluation. It is not designed to replace information obtained from a treating specialist or independent medical examinations (IMEs) and aims to provide clarification of the advice received during a statutory claim, thereby improving the management of an injured worker’s claim.

MAHP comments offered will be utilised as additional information to be considered as part of the entirety of medical information available. MAHP members must be aware that information provided to WorkCover following a MAHP referral will be disclosed to the treating practitioner in line with our customer strategy principles.

The specialty areas WorkCover are seeking applications for the MAHP include:

  • Neurosurgeons;
  • Orthopaedic:
    • spine;
    • knee
    • hip;
    • ankle
    • foot;
    • hand;
    • wrist;
    • shoulder; and
    • general.
  • Occupational Physicians;
  • Psychiatry:
    • PTSD; and
    • Non-PTSD.
  • Pain Physician (new);
  • Rehabilitation Physician (new);
  • ENT (new);
  • Oral and Maxillofacial (new); and
  • Physiotherapy (new).
  • Key changes for the MAHP include splitting the Psychiatry speciality area into PTSD and non-PTSD, separating the sub-specialities for the Orthopaedic area, and inviting offers for Pain Physicians, Rehabilitation Physicians, ENT, Oral and Maxillofacial and specialist Physiotherapists to join the panel. The Neurosurgeon and Occupation Physician speciality areas will remain unchanged.
  • No other speciality areas apart from these areas listed are needed at this time. If WorkCover require new speciality areas, a supplementary tender will be conducted to seek applications via an open tender process.

Successful suppliers will be appointed and will sign a contract for a period of three years, with two one-year options to extend at WorkCover’s discretion.

The contract term will commence in February 2020. The current MAP arrangement will remain in place until this time.

Contract terms including WorkCover’s Service Level Standards (SLS) have been included with the tender documents.

No. Once the panel has been selected it will remain in place until the expiry of the contract period.

Unfortunately no, WorkCover will allow sufficient time for lodgement of the Invitation to Offer.

To be considered a conforming offer, the supplier must meet all minimum mandatory requirements at the time of the tender closing.

All offers will be checked for their compliance to the minimum mandatory requirements and non-conforming offers may be excluded from further review.

WorkCover has no preference on whether a MAHP member uses an external agency/medico-legal provider or which external agency/medico-legal provider they use. However if a MAHP member does use an external agency/medico-legal provider, WorkCover will need to know for administration purposes and appointment referrals.

External agency/medico-legal providers can liaise with specialists to complete their offer document, and upload on their behalf.

cHowever, the external agency/medico-legal provider must not upload multiple offers under one company login in QTenders.  Each specialist must have their own unique login to ensure offers are submitted separately and allow offers to be reconciled.

Where the specialist has chosen to have their offer submitted by an external agency/medico-legal provider, WorkCover will still contract with the individual specialist as the contract entity (Supplier), not the external agency/medico-legal provider. However the specialist can nominate that tender queries be sent to the external agency/medico-legal provider if desired.

A specialist can change, add or remove external agency/medico-legal providers at any time during the tender or contract term.

To access the tender documents, you must first register as a supplier on the QTender website – found here. You must be logged in to download the tender documents. There are FAQs on the QTender website found here to assist with password errors, browser compatibility, upload errors etc.

For system enquiries, please contact the QTenders Helpdesk on:

  • Phone: (07) 321 53699
  • Email:
  • System Support is available 8am – 5pm Monday to Friday excluding Public Holidays.

Yes, you must reapply.

WorkCover conduct tenders every 3-5 years to appoint a panel of Suppliers to provide MAP Services. The current panel was appointed in February 2017 and the current term will expire in February 2020.

No panel positions are carried over, and all Suppliers must reapply each time a tender is conducted if they wish to continue providing MAP services for WorkCover. Current panel members should treat this application as if it was the first time applying; that is, provide succinct yet detailed responses and not rely on current panel member status.

A tender process is a fair and transparent way of allowing all existing, and any new Suppliers, an opportunity to apply for a position on WorkCover’s panel. In past tenders, not all applicants have been appointed as the number of offers have exceeded our requirements.

Yes, however you must have retired within the last 3 years and meet all other minimum mandatory requirements.

Fees are charged in accordance with the MAHP pricing schedule. These are internal WorkCover codes. They are outlined at the end of the service level standards attached to the tender documents.

It is very important to abide by the page limits for the evaluation criteria responses. Any information provided that exceeds these page limits may not be read.

The responses can be attached as attachments, however it is much quicker and easier for our evaluation panel if all the information is in the response section. This makes it easier to score and understand the response, and minimises the risk of missing key information.

The preference is not to refer to attachments in the body of the response schedule.

Resumes are not included in the page length limits.

The sub-specialties are broken down for Orthopaedic Specialists to allow those specialists who have specialised in specific areas to take referrals for just their areas. For example, an Orthopaedic Specialist who applies for the spine sub-speciality, will only be sent referrals that relate to spine cases.

A General Orthopaedic Specialist may receive referrals that relate to any of the speciality areas, plus others. This does not result in more work for General Orthopaedic Specialist, it just means that there will be no theme to their referrals. They may still receive spine referrals, or shoulder referrals etc.

An electronic signature is ideal, however if you don’t have one, please just print, sign and scan the relevant pages and then upload those pages as a pdf.

The contract details document and response schedule must be submitting in word.

Please do not alter the font sizes for your responses.

There is no guarantee of work: it will be allocated by WorkCover based on our business needs, provider availability and referral demand.

The SLS set out WorkCover’s minimum expectations in relation to provider performance and service delivery. They are a common feature in all of WorkCover’s arrangements with appointed providers. The SLS are part of the terms of our contract with providers. Full details of the SLS and contract terms are included in the Invitation to Offer.

Compliance with the SLS and performance generally will be monitored by the provider’s relationship manager. They will provide feedback to providers. In the event of any breaches to the SLS and contract, the relationship manager will discuss this with the provider. Such a breach would be considered and addressed on a case by case basis.

The provider will also be expected to provide feedback to their relationship manager about referral and case management quality.

Prompt service delivery is extremely important because any delays not only hamper successful claims outcomes but are costly for WorkCover and employers.

It is expected the MAHP member will be able to:

  • provide a response in relation to surgery requests or urgent issues:
    • Within 24 hours (1 business day) of receipt of the referral. If this timeframe cannot be met the MAHP member must advise the referrer.
    • Email communication is acceptable, however telephone communication is preferred.
  • provide a response in relation to general claims review:
    • Within 48 hours (2 business days) of receipt of the referral. If this timeframe cannot be met the MAHP member must advise the referrer.

Offers must be lodged electronically via the QTender website.  It is the supplier’s responsibility to ensure all necessary information and documents are uploaded before the tender closing time and date. Allow adequate time prior to the closing time and date to upload offer documents due to delays with bulk uploads and heavy traffic on the website.

You must first register as a supplier via QTenders and you must be logged in to upload your offer.

File naming conventions

Please do not use symbols (for example “&” or “()” or “%“) in the document file names (file names to consist of alpha-numeric characters (letters and numbers) only).

Upload Restrictions
  • Recommended maximum of 100mb per submission (total of all files)
  • Multiple uploads are allowed simultaneously:
    • If incurring difficulty and file names meet conventions listed above, reduce the number of files in submission to <10 and re-attempt - Submissions will collate as one entry within the system.
  • Once a file has been uploaded it cannot be changed/removed.
Successful Response Submission

Your submission is only considered received after:

  • The upload has completed prior to the tender closing time including grace period; and
  • A ‘response receipt’ is received either via email or displayed on screen.  This receipt is proof of your submission.
QTenders help

If you receive any errors, or experience system difficulties, please contact the QTenders Helpdesk (07) 3215 3699 during business hours or review their FAQs.

It is important to WorkCover that you understand our requirements. For that reason any items requiring clarification, or any questions relating to the tender must be communicated in writing directly to the Customer contact via

Please do not contact other people within WorkCover for additional information regarding the tender. Such approaches compromise the integrity of the process. As such, any requests for information outside of the specified channel may impact your continued involvement in the process.

To be a conforming offer, the offer must:

  • be received by the closing date and time;
  • be received in the format and method described in this Invitation to Offer;
  • be open for the minimum validity period;
  • satisfy all mandatory requirements;
  • respond to all sections of the Invitation to Offer document in full; and
  • include the following completed documents:
    • WCQ215 - MAHP - Contract details (Word format):
      • Signed pages may be submitted in pdf.
    • Schedule A from WCQ215 - MAHP - ITO (Word format):
      • Signed pages may be submitted in pdf.
    • a two page resume;
    • two redacted example reports (or independent case reviews);
    • fellowship certificate (where relevant);
    • current AHPRA registration certificate;
    • current professional indemnity insurance certificate;
    • GEPI training module certificates of completion (where relevant); and
    • other relevant certificates of completion or association memberships.