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Requirements to be a conforming offer

To be a conforming offer, the offer must:

  • be received by the closing date and time;
  • be received in the format and method described in this Invitation to Offer;
  • be open for the minimum validity period;
  • satisfy all mandatory requirements;
  • respond to all sections of this Invitation to Offer document in full; and
  • include the following completed documents:
    • WCQ208 – RTW Services – Contract details (Word format);
      • Signed pages may be submitted in PDF.
    • Schedule A from WCQ208 – RTW Services – ITO (Word format);
      • Signed pages may be submitted in PDF.
    • WCQ208 – RTW Services – Locations (Excel format); and
    • insurance certificates and association memberships/accreditations (PDF format).