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How do I submit an offer?

Offers must be lodged electronically via the QTender website. It is the RTW service provider’s responsibility to ensure all necessary information and documents are uploaded before the tender closing time and date. Allow adequate time prior to the closing time and date to upload offer documents due to delays with bulk uploads and heavy traffic on the website.

You must first register as a supplier via QTenders and you must be logged in to upload your offer.

File naming conventions

Please do not use symbols (for example “&” or “()” or “%“) in the document file names. File names are to consist of alpha-numeric characters (letters and numbers) only.

Upload restrictions

  • Recommended maximum of 100mb per submission (total of all files)
  • Multiple uploads are allowed simultaneously:
    • If incurring difficulty and file names meet conventions listed above, reduce the number of files in submission to <10 and re-attempt. Submissions will collate as one entry within the system.
    • Once a file has been uploaded, it cannot be changed/removed.

Successful response submission

Your submission is only considered 'received' after:

  • The upload has completed prior to the tender closing time, including grace period; and
  • A ‘response receipt’ is received either via email or displayed on screen. This receipt is proof of your submission.

QTenders help

If you receive any errors, or experience system difficulties, please contact the QTenders Helpdesk (07) 3215 3699 during business hours or review their FAQs.