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Education Masterclass


8 March 2019

Late last year the WorkCover Education teams in collaboration with WorkCover Business Partnerships had the privilege of hosting customers and colleagues in the first of our Education Masterclasses. The key presenters were David Brentnall, Specialist Physiotherapist / Director of Axis Rehabilitation and Matthew Bannan, Executive Professional Services. The event was hosted by Adam Ryan, Education Customer Manager. The purpose was to provide industry specific information around injury trends, injury management/rehabilitation and practical steps our customers and colleagues can implement to improve outcomes.

Matthew Bannan set the scene by providing some context on WorkCover's purpose, impact of customer experience on outcomes and WorkCover's future direction utilising insights via the evidenced based Recovery Blueprint model. He then led the masterclass through some 'injury bingo' by highlighting the top 3 injuries by:

  1. Location
  2. Nature
  3. Mechanism
  4. Cost
  5. Age Demographic

Please visit the link to our slide pack (PDF, 9.15 MB) to see the answers to the top 3 or watch the master class in full here.

David Brentnall brought his expertise to the Masterclass by exploring 'Why early intervention for work-related injuries is good for business and the 5 principles of how highly performing workplaces get it right'. He also took us on a journey of discovery into injuries that are prevalent in the Education Industry and some practical steps we can take to minimise their impact, including:

  1. Reassurance
  2. Support at work
  3. Quality early physiotherapy

We finished the Masterclass by opening the floor to questions in a Q & A style panel discussion with Adam, David and Matthew all providing input to the great enquiries from the audience.

The feedback on this Masterclass has been overwhelmingly positive so I encourage you check out the slide pack (PDF, 9.15 MB) and video link.

We look forward to providing another Masterclass exploring psychological injuries in the first half of 2019.

If you have any questions, request or feedback regarding the Education Industry please make contact with Adam Ryan (Ph) 07 3006 6744 (E)