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Work Well 365 Speaker Series - Measures for mentally healthier work – Sharron O'Neill

Measures for mentally healthier work

Organisations seek data to help inform their work health and safety decisions, including those relating to psychological health and safety. Much of this data is already on hand within organisations and can be repurposed to shed light on gaps, challenges and successes for mentally healthy workplaces.

Dr Sharron O’Neill’s presentation introduces new guidance commissioned by the National Mental Health Commission’s National Workplace Initiative, on measures that can support mentally healthy work. She will also outline considerations for measurement choices relevant to large, medium and small businesses.

Key learning outcomes:

  • how measurement can help organisations identify what is and isn’t working to create a mentally healthy workplace
  • what you should and shouldn’t report on when measuring mentally healthy work
  • identifying good work design measures of mentally healthy work and good work design examples.

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