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Work Well 365 Speaker Series - No Time for Health - Dr Sarah Cotton

No Time for Health: New ways to support small business owners and their people around mental health and wellbeing

Small business owners (SBOs) must often contend with long hours, high work demands, financial stress and poor work-life balance. Consequently, they’re particularly vulnerable from a mental health and wellbeing (MH&W) perspective with a government report (Small Business and Mental Health / July 2020) showing that 34% reported a medical diagnosis in the past 12 months for stress, anxiety or depression. Ironically, SBOs’ relentless schedules and time-poor lives also make it hard for them to create the space to focus proactively on their own mental health and wellbeing.

Dr Sarah Cotton, an Organisational Psychologist and co-founder of Transitioning Well, opens up an important conversation about the challenges for small business owners in finding time for themselves and how we can help to bridge the gap to protect and promote their mental health and wellbeing.

Key learning outcomes:

  • Unpack the mental health and wellbeing challenges of SBOs
  • Explore the common barriers for SBOs in proactively engaging with MH&W practices (both individual and business wide)
  • Identify a range of practical strategies and freely available resources to support SBO’s MH&W

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