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Webinar: Vicarious liability and contributory negligence: who is at fault?

Can an allegation of vicarious liability against an employer be defended? Can an allegation of contributory negligence be proven against an injured worker? Vicarious liability and contributory negligence are two misunderstood concepts in a common law workers’ compensation claim.

Register now for our next legal webinar where we will delve into the concepts of vicarious liability and contributory negligence and discuss recent case examples from the Courts.

The session will be hosted by WorkCover Queensland Lawyer, Hannah Staunton with guest presenters, Partner, Ross McConaghy and Special Counsel, Leah Mogg of Jensen McConaghy.

You may submit questions for consideration before the webinar when you register or email us at Please note, any responses from WorkCover Queensland and Jensen McConaghy will contain generic information and should not be considered as legal advice.