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The evolving role of safety leaders, Dom O’Brien

In an age of highly competitive and often volatile markets, the role of safety leader is constantly evolving. The push to achieve more with less, while maintaining a social and ethical licence to operate, places an increased expectation on leaders to get the most from their people in a safe and sustainable way. Throw in the added complexity of generational differences, an aging workforce, the need for total worker health, changing work environments and an organisation’s cultural maturity, and it becomes clear that there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to leading for safety.

And, as you’ll hear from Dom, safety leadership isn’t just about you as a leader, but also the person you are leading, their skills and willingness to engage, and the situation they find themselves in. So, how do leaders not only embrace, but also set themselves up for success in a landscape that is constantly changing?

In this interactive and engaging session, you will:

  • understand the multiple roles expected of today’s safety leader
  • explore how to adapt leadership strategies to different levels of safety culture maturity
  • identify different safety leadership strategies for different individual employee variables in the workplace, including managing expectations both up and down the line.


Dom O'BrienDom has more than five years’ experience in project management, facilitation, and solution development. He has managed and executed large-scale, culture change projects with clients across a range of industries including mining, healthcare, manufacturing, defence, and infrastructure.

Dom is passionate about improving his clients’ business and safety performance and enjoys working with executive leaders to drive positive and sustainable change for their people.