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Design for workplace diversity, developed by Sara Pazell presented by David Hall

What are we doing in our working lives as leaders, colleagues, and designers to encourage diversity? Despite a comprehensive legislative framework to support diversity in the workplace, we simply may not have the knowledge, skills, or awareness about how to identify and include typically misrepresented communities in our design of work and jobs.

A human factors’ approach to design for diversity provides a practical means to advance this activity across an organisation. With such approaches, an organisation can ensure that teams are creative owing to the diverse partnerships involved in an effective design process, pathways exist to recruit and retain a diverse workforce, and innovation can be the hallmark of business activity.

Failure to consider diversity can result in exposure to adverse events that are catastrophic or lead to fatalities, disablement, or injury; marginalisation; barriers to recruitment and retention; less competitive and efficient operations; poor workplace climate and culture, psychosocial health hazards; poor engagement and productivity; legal and financial constraints; and, outwardly, diminished uptake of product or services.

Join David for this session, where he will provide a compelling argument about why design for diversity is important and how to go about the practices, even during sudden workplace change, such as pandemic management. You will learn about how to integrate business unit activity, display good leadership, and advance company strategy through a shared investment in design objectives, measures, and outcomes.


David HallDavid is passionate about health, wellbeing and building strong teams in workplaces. For nearly two decades he has been working with individuals and organisations in this capacity and he loves what he does.

After six years as the Victorian chair, David in 2016 became the National chair of the APA Occupational Health Physiotherapist Association. This role involved working in collaboration with a strong National committee in setting standards of practice in Occupational Health consulting for Health Professionals who work in this field. This includes a strong training and mentoring role with the Australian Physiotherapy Association members.

With a unique background in Physiotherapy and Group Facilitation, David has strong skills at working in partnership with organisations to see new possibilities in building healthier, happier and stronger teams at work.