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Electrical safety in rental properties webinar

This free live webinar is designed for landlords and property managers to understand their safety obligations to make rental properties electrically safe.


MC welcome
Chris Bombolas

Electrical Safety Office update
Donna Heelan, Electrical Safety Office

Electrical safety in rental properties
Michael Thompson, Electrical Safety Office

Electrical safety legal responsibilities for rental properties
David Gore, Office of the Work Health and Safety Prosecutor

Interconnected smoke alarms in residential rental properties
Gordon Hemphrey, Queensland Fire and Emergency Services

Unlicensed electrical work
Michael Gibson, Electrical Safety Office

Shocks and tingles
Ergon Energy

Panel session (Q&A)
Michael Thompson, David Gore, Gordan Hemphrey, Michael Gibson, Ergon Energy

MC and event close

*Program subject to change


Donna HeelanDonna is the Executive Director of the Electrical Safety Office and oversees the strategic delivery of electrical safety across Queensland. Her role involves developing and enforcing standards for electrical safety and promoting improved safety performance in the wider community.

Donna is a member of the Electrical Regulatory Authorities Council (ERAC), Chair of the Standing Committee of Officials, Electrical Equipment Safety System (EESS), and holds a Bachelor of Laws and a Graduate Certificate in Public Sector Management.

David GoreDavid is an Assistant Work Health and Safety Prosecutor with the Office of the Work Health and Safety Prosecutor.

David is a Barrister with ten years’ post admission experience in government practice and a specialist in criminal and regulatory prosecutions with substantial trial advocacy experience.

Prior to this, he has worked in the Australian Army Reserve for 15 years where he obtained management, mentoring and military command experience.

Gordon HemphreyGordon is A/Superintendent, Executive Manager Investigations and Compliance with Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES). He has 32 years’ experience as a career fight fighter with QFES and a qualified fire investigator for 21 years.

Gordon oversees post fire investigations and management of compliance and prosecutions of building owners and occupiers that fail to comply with building fire safety regulations. Gordon was involved in the oversite of the Queensland domestic smoke alarm legislation that was enacted January 2017.

Michael ThompsonMichael is a Principal Advisor in the Governance and Compliance team of the Electrical Safety Office. A licensed electrician for more than 25 years, Michael has experience in the domestic, large commercial and industrial fields of the electrical industry.

Michael also held memberships on several Australian standards committees, provided technical guidance to contractors regarding electrical safety legislation and installation requirements, and managed federal government projects and contracts including the national solar inspections program.

Michael GibsonMichael is the Director of Field Services with the Electrical Safety Office. he has been involved in the electrical industry for 35 years, with 20 years in a regulatory role. He is an experienced leader in the delivery of inspection and enforcement strategies to enforce and monitor compliance of duty holders with electrical safety legislation.