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Health Hazards

Miners are subject to a number of potential health hazards in their normal daily work. Find out more information about some of the health hazards encountered here.

Health Improvement and Awareness Committee

The Queensland Mining Health Improvement and Awareness Committee (HIAC) was established in 2008 to assist industry anticipate, identify, evaluate and control health hazards in the mining environment. Find out more information about the Committee.

Job Safety Analysis Video

A video 'Developing an effective Job Safety Analysis' was developed by the Department of Natural Resources and Mines to support Queensland Guidance Note QGN 17 'Development of effective Job Safety Analysis'. The video should be used in conjunction with guidance note QGN17: Development of effective job safety analysis.The video covers

  • Injury prevention
  • Risk Management
  • Job Safety Analysis 101
  • Job Safety Analysis Preparation
  • Job Safety Analysis Resources
  • Job Safety Analysis Team
  • Hazard Identification
  • Risk Assessment Tools
  • What is a Job Safety Analysis

Department of Natural Resources and Mines - tips for the mining industry

Reference information provided by Department of Natural Resources and Mines for the mining industry can be found on their website.

Contact a mines inspector.

Commissioners Report Mine Safety and Health

Energy Skills Queensland

Energy Skills Queensland is the Industry Skills Body leading energy industry and government engagement on education and training, skills development and labour market issues. Subscribe to the Skills Connection Newsletter for articles on skills and workforce development issues relevant to the energy industry.

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14 July 2015