Suitable duties for the mining industry

Provide suitable duties

Focus on what the worker can do, not what they can’t and provide suitable duties.

It’s important you help your worker recover at, or return to work as soon as possible following a workplace injury. Work has been proven to be good for peoples’ health and wellbeing. Together with your worker, identify tasks they can perform within their capacity as ‘doing’ promotes recovery.

Your worker may be able to perform some of these suitable duties. Print the checklist and circle or add the tasks your worker can perform within their capacity. Discuss these with your worker to ensure they're also happy with the tasks and then work together until they can resume their pre-injury role. Ensure you seek, or have been given, approval from your worker's doctor prior to commencing tasks. You can then upgrade capacity following the doctor's advice.

Suitable duties for your industry may include:

  • Surface duties in workshop environment or other suitable areas
  • Cleaning tools/equipment
  • Cleaning light vehicles
  • Driving light vehicles (deliveries, ferrying staff onsite)
  • General light maintenance jobs onsite
  • Admin and office duties (eg filing, responding to emails, updating manuals, reviewing procedures)
  • Maintainance and audit checks of equipment
  • Supervisory role or role assisting others
  • Stock recording/allocation (computer or manual)
  • Support role to safety department
  • Crib hot seating – operate equipment during co-workers’ crib breaks
  • First aid inspections where certified
  • Mail delivery
  • Updating/refreshing training/mining certifications

Download the suitable duties checklist.

Last updated
23 March 2014