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Organisational systems benchmarking tool

Safe and healthy business is good business - it can increase worker productivity and morale, reduce injuries and their associated costs to your business and enhance your reputation with customers and the community. Read more about Organisational systems benchmarking tool

Q-COMP's medical certificate includes the health benefits of work

Capacity certificate

The Workers' Compensation Regulator has released a revised version of the workers’ compensation medical certificate that prompts practitioners to focus on what the worker can do within their capacity and to consider what tasks they can perform. Read more about Capacity certificate

Guidelines for the evaluation of permanent impairment

Compensable work related injuries which incurred on or after 15 October 2013, must be assessed using the Guidelines for Evaluation of Permanent Impairment. Read more about Guidelines for the evaluation of permanent impairment

Task analysis guides

The purpose of a job task analysis is to help facilitate and develop a suitable duties program for injured workers. We currently have task analysis guides available for roles across several different industries. Read more about Task analysis guides

Vocational Rehabilitation Case Conferencing

Vocational Rehabilitation Case Conferencing

The Australasian Faculty of Occupational and Environmental Medicine has published a Vocational Rehabilitation Case Conferencing resource. Read more about Vocational Rehabilitation Case Conferencing

How to manage rotator cuff injuries in the workplace

A high incidence of rotator cuff injuries has prompted the development of Australia's first-ever guidelines specific to managing the condition in the workplace. Read more about How to manage rotator cuff injuries in the workplace

Realising the health benefits of work, which states work really is good for people

Realising the Health Benefits of Work

WorkCover Queensland supports the position statement, 'Realising the health benefits of work', which highlights the longer someone is off work, the less likely they are to return. This article briefly discusses the paper and factsheets you can download to share the message with your colleagues and patients alike. Read more about Realising the Health Benefits of Work

In consultation with associations, we've developed the surgery guidelines.

Surgery guidelines

We’re improving the way we work with medical and allied health providers, and have developed the surgery guidelines in consultation with the orthopaedic associations to ensure consistency with the application of the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) item numbers. Read more about Surgery guidelines

A list of links to useful tools and resources

Useful links

We've collated a list so you don't have to go searching of useful websites that provide tools and resources for medical and allied health providers. Read more about Useful links

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24 June 2016