Updated spinal surgery guidelines and new item codes

Spinal pain

Updated surgery guidelines

WorkCover Queensland has updated spinal surgery guidelines which include the recent updates made by the MBS review taskforce, effective 1 November 2018.

Medical interventions have also been included in these guidelines.

Medical providers should use these guidelines when requesting and invoicing for spinal surgery. WorkCover will also refer to the guidelines when approving the requests and invoices.

These spinal surgery guidelines have been developed with the assistance of relevant stakeholders, doctors and medical associations and WorkCover acknowledges their expertise and contribution in this review.

New item codes and fee schedule

WorkCover Queensland has published a new Spinal surgery supplementary table of costs incorporating 60 new spinal surgery item numbers released by MBS and are effective from 1 November 2018:

  • fees have been derived for 1 November 2018 release;
  • these items codes will be incorporated into WorkCover's full table of costs, effective 1 December 2018; and
  • fees will change and be aligned with the AMA fee list once it becomes available.
14 November 2018 update
- new Spinal surgery supplementary table of costs now reflect AMA fees released on 14 November 2018.

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Last updated
14 November 2018