Medical Advisory Panel review

As part of WorkCover Queensland's ongoing commitment to improving our services, we’re undertaking a review of our Medical Advisory Panel (MAP).

The MAP is a team of medical professionals who work alongside WorkCover to review surgery requests to ensure they’re appropriate, and provide comment and complete complex claim reviews.

The MAP provides valuable assistance in the following areas:

  • Reviewing surgery requests (including item codes) to ensure they are appropriate and required due to the work-related condition or injury
  • Complex claim reviews and comment to WorkCover staff to help develop rehabilitation and return to work strategies
  • Communication with treating doctors about surgery and treatment.

The current MAP arrangement expires at the end of January 2017. To ensure WorkCover has the best possible coverage across all specialties for comment on rehabilitation for injured workers, we will advertise for new MAP members through an open tender which will start in late October.

We will provide a simple, streamlined process and engage an expert, independent medical practitioner to help us with our panel selection. Feedback from customers and stakeholders will also be considered as part of the tender process.

More information, including timeframes and the selection criteria, will be available in the coming weeks on our website. The final tender will be published on the Queensland Government QTender website.

Frequently asked questions


  • What is the term of the arrangement?

    Successful specialists will be appointed and sign a contract for a period of three years, with a 1-year option to extend. Complete contract terms, including WorkCover's Service Level Standards (SLS), will be provided in the Invitation to Offer.

  • Is there a waitlist for the MAP?

    No. Once the panel has been selected it will remain in place until the expiry of the tender period.

  • If I am on leave, can I get an extension to apply?

    Unfortunately no. However, we will ensure there is sufficient time provided for all specialists to apply for the tender.

  • What are the specialty areas that form part of the MAP?

    WorkCover is looking for a team of medical specialists in the following disciplines:
    * Orthopaedic
    * Neurosurgeon
    * Psychiatrists
    * Occupational Physicians 

  • Where can I find the tender documentation?

    Once open, the tender documentation will be located on the Queensland Government QTender website.

Who can apply?

  • Can specialists who are not current MAP members apply for the tender?


  • Can a specialist based in other States apply?

    No, only Queensland-based specialists will be eligible to apply.

  • If I am already a MAP member, do I need to reapply?


  • If I have been unsuccessful applying for the MAP in the past, can I reapply now?


Last updated
26 September 2016