Queensland poultry processing industry safety campaign

Meat processing worker

Workplace Health and Safety Queensland (WHSQ), WorkCover Queensland (WorkCover) and the Workers’ Compensation Regulator (Regulator) will be conducting a safety campaign from February 2016–July 2018 across the Queensland poultry processing industry.

The purpose of this safety campaign is to reduce the injury rate within the poultry processing industry by raising awareness of the various industry related risks and exposures for workers, including labour hire and visa workers.

In early 2015, WHSQ initiated discussions with various meat industry stakeholders about the proposed safety campaign. Consultations included the Meat Industry Advisory Group (MIAG), the Queensland Farmers Federation (QFF) and discussions with individual poultry processing workplaces.

The campaign kicks off in February 2016 with site visits aimed at gathering information about injury management practices and WHS systems. Employers will be contacted to arrange a suitable time and date for the visit and to discuss logistics.

In attendance will be a WHSQ Inspector, a WorkCover Customer Services Managers and an auditor from the Regulator (for self-insured employers only) and they will conduct: a desktop review; a walk through survey of the workplace; and hold discussions with managers, supervisors, team leaders and workers (full time, part-time, casuals/labour-hire).

If necessary, action plans will be developed in consultation with the workplace, to address any injury management or WHS system improvements. Arrangements will also be made to monitor any agreed action items.

For your information and in preparation for your visit, below is a list of the various checklists that will be completed during the site visits.

  1. Poultry intervention WHS assessment tool:  covers seven elements and questions based on: managers’ commitment, consultation, hazard and risk management, system of work, training and supervision, reporting, and management of young workers.
  2. Poultry intervention workers’ compensation assessment tool: covers 13 questions that are related to injury management and return to work. Answers to questions will also include injury management and return to work for fulltime, part-time, casuals, and labour hire workers.
  3. Poultry intervention labour hire assessment tool (to be completed by labour hire companies only): covers 9 elements: WHS management system, risk management, communication and consultation, emergency management, incident reporting and investigation, training and development, monitor and review, auditing, and key performance indicators.
  4. Poultry intervention labour hire injury management assessment tool (to be completed by labour hire companies only): covers 13 questions related to processes used by labour hire companies to manage injury management and return to work for labour hire workers.

For organisations that do not use labour hire companies but contract labour through visa and other programs, their own internal processes will be audited using the same tools.

If you employ labour hire workers, please advise the Inspector or Manager during the site visit, of the name and contact details for the labour hire company so that similar arrangements can be made with them for a site visit.

Once the site visit has been completed and action items agreed, a copy of the checklists will be sent to employers for their records and monitoring.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Mano Raghavan
Principal Advisor
Industry Strategy Unit
Workplace Health and Safety Queensland
phone: 07 3874 7754
mobile: 0457 533 714
email: manoharan.raghavan@oir.qld.gov.au

Last updated
30 October 2017