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Everhard’s “Getting safety right” program improves health and safety performance in a number of ways and focuses its efforts at both senior management and employee levels. read more... about Everhard Industries - Getting safety right

Buckner Printing—a manual task case study

The worker chocks the cylinder so it won’t come off the pallet jack during travel.

During the medium size business initiative (MSBI), Workplace Health and Safety Queensland (WHSQ) identified the task of manually moving a paper cylinder onto a dispatch pallet as a potentially hazardous manual task read more... about Buckner Printing—a manual task case study

Manually moving gas bottles – Monarch Building Systems

Trolley modifications

In 2012, the Participative Ergonomics for Manual Tasks (PErforM) program was introduced at Monarch to facilitate more effective management of hazardous manual tasks. read more... about Manually moving gas bottles – Monarch Building Systems

About manufacturing

Manufacturing incorporates a wide variety of manufacturing types including:

  • food product – meat, seafood, dairy, fruit and vegetable, oil and fat, grain mill and cereal product, bakery product, suger and confectionery, other food product such as potato crisps and animal and bird feed 
  • beverage and tobacco product – beverage, cigarette and tobacco 
  • textile, leather, clothing and footwear 
  • wood product – including log sawmilling and timber dressing
  • pulp, paper and converted paper product 
  • printing, including the reproduction of recorded media
  • petroleum and coal product 
  • basic chemical and chemical product – including fertiliser and pesticide and pharmaceutical and medicinal product 
  • polymer product and rubber product 
  • non-metallic mineral product 
  • primary metal and metal product 
  • fabricated metal product 
  • transport equipment 
  • machinery and equipment 
  • furniture.

Chemicals of security concern

Common hazards

Code of practice

Visit the laws and compliance section to view all codes of practice.

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15 November 2016