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High risk industries

The list of high risk industries specified below was published by the Workers’ Compensation Regulator by gazette notice on 1 September 2014 pursuant to section 115 of the Workers' Compensation and Rehabilitation Regulation 2014.

Categorisation of industries

Industries are categorised in this schedule using a system known as the Australian and New Zealand Industrial Classification (ANZSIC). An industry stated in column 2 has the ANZSIC class stated in column 1

ANZSIC Class Industry
 Agriculture, forestry and fishing
01 Agriculture
02 Aquaculture
03 Forestry and logging
04 Fishing, hunting and trapping
05 Agriculture, forestry and fishing support services
06 Coal mining
07 Oil and gas extraction
08 Metal ore mining
09 Non-metallic mineral mining and quarrying
10 Exploration and other mining support services
11 Food product manufacturing
12 Beverage and tobacco manufacturing
13 textile, leather, clothing and footwear manufacturing
14 Wood product manufacturing
15 Pulp, paper and converted paper product manufacturing
16 Printing (including the reproduction of recorded media)
17 Petroleum and coal product manufacturing
18 Basic chemical and chemical product manufacturing
19 Polymer product and rubber product manufacturing
20 Non-metallic mineral product manufacturing
21 Primary metal and metal product manufacturing
22 Fabricated metal product manufacturing
23 Transport equipment manufacturing
24 Machinery and equipment manufacturing
25 Furniture and other manufacturing
30 Building construction
31 Heavy and civil engineering construction
32 Construction services
 Transport and storage
46 Road transport
47 Rail transport
48 Water transport
49 Air and space transport
50 Other transport
52 Transport support services
53 Warehousing and storage
 Health and community services
84 Hospitals
85 Medical and other health care services
86 Residential care services
29 Waste collection, treatment and disposal services
77 Public order, safety and regulatory services
0510 Forestry support services
7711 Police services
1611 Printing
3020 Non-residential building construction
7714 Correctional and detention services
Last updated
14 September 2017

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