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High voltage installations audits

High voltage is defined as greater than 1000V a.c. RMS or 1500V ripple-free d.c.

Section 221 of the Electrical Safety Regulation 2013 (the ES Regulation) requires that an auditor inspect high voltage electrical installations before connection or reconnection to a source of electricity, if:

  • the high voltage electrical installation is being connected for the first time
  • electrical installation work has been performed on the high voltage electrical installation.

The pre-commissioning inspection ensures that the installation, related electrical equipment and protective equipment have correct certification and comply with certification documentation and appropriate standards.

Become a high voltage installations auditor

Read the criteria auditors must meet to become accredited to work on high voltage installations.

Find a high voltage installation accredited auditor

A list of a Australian high voltage installation accredited auditors.

Last updated
29 June 2015

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